Detailed Guide to Study Abroad in Sweden

Why Study Abroad in The Sweden?

About The Study in Sweden Located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula lies the Nordic country of Sweden. It borders Finland and Norway, and a bridge-tunnel connects it to Denmark. 10.5 million people are living in the capital city of Stockholm. The…

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Study in the SWEDEN


Choose from below

University NameApply
1. Blekinge Institute of TechnologyBlekinge Institute of TechnologyApply-Now-Final
2. Chalmers University of TechnologyChalmers University of TechnologyApply-Now-Final
3. Dalarna UniversityDalarna UniversityApply-Now-Final
4. Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University CollegeErsta Sköndal Bräcke University CollegeApply-Now-Final
5. GIH – the Swedish School of Sport and Health SciencesGIH – the Swedish School of Sport and Health SciencesApply-Now-Final
6. Halmstad UniversityHalmstad UniversityApply-Now-Final
7. Jönköping UniversityJönköping UniversityApply-Now-Final
8. KMH – Royal College of Music in StockholmKMH – Royal College of Music in StockholmApply-Now-Final
9. KTH Royal Institute of TechnologyKTH Royal Institute of TechnologyApply-Now-Final
10. Karlstad UniversityKarlstad UniversityApply-Now-Final
11. Karolinska InstitutetKarolinska InstitutetApply-Now-Final
12. Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and DesignKonstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and DesignApply-Now-Final
13. Kristianstad UniversityKristianstad UniversityApply-Now-Final
14. Linköping UniversityLinköping UniversityApply-Now-Final
15. Linnaeus UniversityLinnaeus UniversityApply-Now-Final
16. Luleå University of TechnologyLuleå University of TechnologyApply-Now-Final
17. Lund UniversityLund UniversityApply-Now-Final
18. Malmö UniversityMalmö UniversityApply-Now-Final
19. Mid Sweden UniversityMid Sweden UniversityApply-Now-Final
20. Mälardalen UniversityMälardalen UniversityApply-Now-Final
21. Royal Institute of ArtRoyal Institute of ArtApply-Now-Final
22. SLU – Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesSLU – Swedish University of Agricultural SciencesApply-Now-Final
23. SMI – University College of Music Education in StockholmSMI – University College of Music Education in StockholmApply-Now-Final
24. Sophiahemmet University CollegeSophiahemmet University CollegeApply-Now-Final
25. Stockholm School of EconomicsStockholm School of EconomicsApply-Now-Final
26. Stockholm UniversityStockholm UniversityApply-Now-Final
27. Stockholm University of the ArtsStockholm University of the ArtsApply-Now-Final
28. Swedish Defence UniversitySwedish Defence UniversityApply-Now-Final
29. Södertörn UniversitySödertörn UniversityApply-Now-Final
30. The Swedish Red Cross University CollegeThe Swedish Red Cross University CollegeApply-Now-Final
31. Umeå UniversityUmeå UniversityApply-Now-Final
32. University College StockholmUniversity College StockholmApply-Now-Final
33. University WestUniversity WestApply-Now-Final
34. University of BorasUniversity of BoråsApply-Now-Final
35. University of GothenburgUniversity of GothenburgApply-Now-Final
36. University of GävleUniversity of GävleApply-Now-Final
37. University of SkövdeUniversity of SkövdeApply-Now-Final
38. Uppsala UniversityUppsala UniversityApply-Now-Final
39. Örebro UniversityÖrebro UniversityApply-Now-Final
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