More than 95,000 students from over 100 countries study in Malaysia right now. It has become a top pick for Bangladeshi students looking for top-notch education at an affordable price. Malaysia boasts of its top universities, simple visa steps, and a mix of many cultures. This makes it a wonderful chance for you to chase your academic goals.

Here, you’ll get a detailed guide for Bangladeshi students wanting to study in Malaysia. We cover everything from visas and scholarships to the costs and best university programs. With us, you’re all set for a learning adventure that could change your life.

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Key Takeaways

  • Malaysia has become a popular study destination for Bangladeshi students, with its quality education, affordable tuition fees, and multicultural environment.
  • The country offers a wide range of academic programs, including engineering, business, medicine, and more, catering to diverse educational interests.
  • Malaysian universities provide various scholarship opportunities to support international students, including Bangladeshi students.
  • Tuition fees in Malaysia are generally lower than in other European Union countries, making it a cost-effective option for higher education.
  • Malaysia’s ranking as the 5th safest country in Asia Pacific and 18th overall globally by the Global Peace Index 2022 adds to its appeal as a study destination.

Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh for Higher Education

If you’re a Bangladeshi student thinking about studying abroad, Malaysia has a lot to offer. It’s a geographically safe place without natural disasters. This makes it very secure for students, especially those from Muslim countries. Malaysia’s education system is similar to Europe’s, and it’s full of different cultures. This mix creates a perfect setting for anyone wanting to study in a diverse place.

Why Choose Malaysia as a Study Destination?

Malaysia is a top pick for Bangladeshi students. It provides quality education at a fair price. The strategic location of Malaysia in Asia opens up a world of job opportunities. Sectors like engineering, IT, business, and healthcare are booming here.

Benefits of Studying in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

Choosing to study in Malaysia comes with numerous advantages. Its mixed culture and welcoming vibe are great for academic growth. Many Malaysians speak English well, making it easy to communicate. Moreover, the country ranks as one of the safest in Asia and the 18th globally. So, you can focus on your studies without worry.

At the same time, Malaysian universities have a shining reputation in Asia. They offer world-class education to Bangladeshi students. The food scene is diverse, with options like Chinese, Malay, and Indian meals. This adds to the fun of your study journey.

Student Visa Requirements for Malaysia

If you’re a Bangladeshi student wanting to study in Malaysia, you need to know about visa requirements. You will need a Student Pass from the Department of Immigration Malaysia. This means you have to submit several documents for your Malaysian student visa application to go smoothly.

Applying for a Malaysia Student Visa from Bangladesh

Getting a student visa for Malaysia in Bangladesh is easier than in some other places. To be eligible, students must have finished twelve years of school and passed exams recognized by the Ministry of Education.

Required Documents for Student Visa Application

For a student visa in Malaysia, you’ll need to provide certain documents. These include a copy of your passport, the university’s admission letter, a passport photo, school records, an insurance certificate, and proof of financial support. It’s important to gather all these papers carefully for your visa application.

Knowing and following the malaysia student visa requirements helps Bangladeshi students start their education in Malaysia.

Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh: Affordable Education

tuition fees in malaysia

The education system in Malaysia is perfect for those looking to save money. Compared to other countries, its tuition and living costs are friendly on the wallet. This factor makes it great for students from Bangladesh who want quality education abroad.

Tuition Fees at Public and Private Universities in Malaysia

For Bachelor’s degrees at public universities, you can expect to pay 2,000-4,500 EUR a year. The price for a Master’s jumps around at 500-4,000 EUR a year. Private universities have similar deals, with Bachelor’s programs costing 1,350-9,300 EUR annually. For Master’s degrees, prices range from 1,500-3,000 EUR each year.

Cost of Living in Malaysia for International Students

The cost of living in Malaysia is not too hard on your pocket either. Monthly living expenses, including rent, food, and transport, are about 24,000-41,000 BDT. This affordability is another reason Bangladeshi students are turning to Malaysia for their studies.

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Malaysia

Malaysia invites students from Bangladesh with various scholarship offers. These help make studying in Malaysia easier and more affordable.

Government-Funded Scholarships

The Malaysian government has many scholarships open to Bangladeshi students. This includes the Khazanah Global Scholarship and the MyBrainSc Scholarship. Students can also apply for Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarships. These cover a lot of costs like fees, living expenses, and travel.

University-Sponsored Scholarships

Malaysian universities also have scholarships for international students. Bangladeshi students can look into scholarships such as the Shell Malaysia Scholarship and the JPA Scholarship. The UEM Group also offers scholarships. These scholarships help greatly with the costs of studying in Malaysia.

For more scholarship opportunities in Malaysia, visit university and government portals like government scholarships Malaysia. These sites offer details on scholarships. They help make a good decision on studying abroad.

Top Universities in Malaysia for International Students

top universities in malaysia

Malaysia has many well-known universities. They welcome lots of international students, including those from Bangladesh. Some top universities for international students are International Islamic University of Malaysia, National University of Malaysia, University of Malaysia Kelantan, University of Malaysia Pahang, University of Malaysia Perlis, University of Malaysia Sabah, and University of Malaysia Sarawak. These schools have a diverse environment and offer quality education.

University Global Ranking Asian Ranking Southeast Asian Ranking
Taylor’s University #284 (2024) #1 Private University in Malaysia and Southeast Asia
The University of Southampton Malaysia #81 (QS) #124 (Times Higher Education)
UOW KDU Penang Malaysia #162 (QS)
Asia Pacific University Malaysia #621-630 (2024) #179 (2024)
SEGi University #61 (Asian University Rankings) #5 Stars (QS Stars University Rankings 2023)
Management and Science University (MSU) #621-630 (QS) #401-600 (Times Higher Education)
UCSI Malaysia #284 (QS) #50 (Asia)

These Malaysian universities have many programs for students. They create a diverse, friendly space to study for international students.

Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh: Popular Courses

popular courses in malaysia

Malaysia is a top choice for Bangladeshi students. Engineering, business, and medical programs are popular. These include engineering and technology programs, business and management studies, and medical and health sciences.

Engineering and Technology Programs

Malaysia shines in engineering, covering mechanical to computer types. Students get solid engineering basics. Lab work and projects help them apply their knowledge. This is a big draw for Bangladeshi students aiming for tech and engineering careers.

Business and Management Studies

For business, Malaysia offers a variety including accounting, economics, and finance. It prepares students for the business world. Bangladeshi students can choose areas like marketing, HR, or entrepreneurship to fit their goals.

Medical and Health Sciences

In medical fields, Malaysia is known for medicine, pharmacy, and nursing. Bangladeshi students gain a top-notch education. They get practical experience with the latest in the field. Malaysia ensures students get a full education in healthcare.

Regardless of what you’re into, Malaysia has courses for Bangladeshi students. A Malaysian degree opens doors globally. It boosts your future career.

Student Life in Malaysia

cultural diversity in malaysia

As someone from Bangladesh, you’ll find Malaysia a lively place for student life. There are different places to live, like dorms, private apartments, and shared houses. This choice lets you pick where you want to live based on your budget and what you like.

Accommodation Options for International Students

Dormitories on campus are a favorite because they’re near everything. But, you could also check out private apartments or shared homes for more freedom. This is your chance to be part of the local lifestyle.

Cultural Diversity and Activities

Malaysia’s biggest treasure is its mix of cultures. They have many different people, with various beliefs and traditions. By tasting local foods, joining festivals, and meeting people from all over, you’ll learn a lot and see the world in a new light.

Living on campus or off, your time in Malaysia will be amazing. You’ll find chances to try new things, meet amazing people, and fill your head with unforgettable moments. Enjoy this thrilling part of Southeast Asia where every day is an adventure.

Career Prospects After Studying in Malaysia

Studying in Malaysia can lead Bangladeshi students to many job opportunities. These opportunities are found within Malaysia and around the world. The country’s bustling job scene welcomes graduates from various fields. They can work in global companies, local firms, and government sectors.

Job Opportunities for Graduates in Malaysia

Malaysia’s growing economy and varied business environment make it a great place for work. International students, including Bangladeshi graduates, will find job opportunities in Malaysia in fields like engineering, information technology, and more. The country is focused on growing a skilled workforce. This dedication means many chances for Bangladeshi students to apply their knowledge and skills.

Global Recognition of Malaysian Degrees

Getting a degree in Malaysia means a lot. Recognition of Malaysian degrees plays a big role in making Bangladeshi students more employable. Malaysia’s education is well-regarded globally, with top-ranked universities in Asia. This fame makes it easier for Bangladeshi graduates to find work, not just in Malaysia but globally too. It opens up great career possibilities around the world.


Malaysia is a top choice for Bangladeshi students, known for its great education. It offers affordable fees, easy visas, and a warm welcome. If you’re from Bangladesh and thinking about studying in Malaysia, you’re in the right place. This article guides you through what you need to know, from visas to job prospects.

With excellent universities and varied courses, Malaysia is great for learning. It has a lot of support for students. Thanks to low fees, scholarships, and a mix of cultures, you can have a life-changing learning experience. This will not only boost your skills but also open your mind to new ideas.

If you’re from Bangladesh and looking to study in Malaysia, we’re here to help. This guide prepares you for the journey ahead. Stay focused on your goals, and you’ll find many chances waiting for you. It’s the start of a bright future in your field.

FAQ’s About Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

Why should Bangladeshi students consider studying in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a great choice for students from Bangladesh. It offers a top-notch education system at an affordable price. Visa processing is smooth here. This makes it easy for students to come and study. The country is known for its safety and is free from major natural disasters.

What is the process for Bangladeshi students to apply for a student visa in Malaysia?

To study in Malaysia, Bangladeshi students must get a student pass. They apply at the Department of Immigration Malaysia. This requires documents like a passport photocopy, an admission letter, academic transcripts, and proof of financial ability.

How affordable are the tuition fees and cost of living for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia?

Tuition at Malaysia’s public universities is budget-friendly. For Bachelor’s degrees, the cost is around 2,000-4,500 EUR/year. Master’s degrees are from 500-4,000 EUR/year. Private universities also have reasonable prices. Bachelor’s degrees there range from 1,350-9,300 EUR/year. For Master’s, it’s 1,500-3,000 EUR/year. Living costs are also not high, averaging 24,000-41,000 BDT per month.

What scholarship opportunities are available for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia?

Many scholarships are open to students from Bangladesh in Malaysia. Some options are the Khazanah Global Scholarship, MyBrainSc Scholarship, and Shell Malaysia Overseas Undergraduate Scholarship Awards. Others include the Bank Negara Scholarships and the prestigious Fulbright Program.

Which are the top universities in Malaysia for international students?

The best universities in Malaysia for international students include several. Among them are the International Islamic University of Malaysia and the National University of Malaysia. Also, there’s the University of Malaysia Kelantan, Pahang, Perlis, Sabah, and Sarawak.

What are the popular academic programs for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia?

Many Bangladeshi students opt for engineering and technology courses in Malaysia. Business and management studies are also quite popular. And programs in medical and health sciences attract a good number. These courses are diverse and of high quality.

What is the student life experience like for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia?

Student life in Malaysia is lively and offers diversity. There are many choices for living arrangements. The mix of cultures allows Bangladeshi students to enjoy local life, food, and festivals. This can enrich their study abroad experience.

What are the career prospects for Bangladeshi students after studying in Malaysia?

Studying in Malaysia sets Bangladeshi students up for various career paths. Graduates have opportunities in Malaysia and around the world. Malaysian degrees are respected globally. This boosts the career options for Bangladeshi students.


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