Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, located along the Baltic Sea. Its capital, Tallinn, is situated on the coast and is only 60 kilometers south of Helsinki, Finland. Study in Estonia, The official language is Estonian, but many people also speak Russian and English. The government provides services in both languages as well.

Estonian universities offer over 150 degree programs in English at various levels, with internationally recognized diplomas and scholarships available.

These universities have made changes to align with the European-wide Bologna Process, and they prioritize internationalization by increasing the number and quality of English-taught programs, creating unique degree programs, participating in quality control assessments and accreditation processes, and engaging in international research projects.

They also provide more exchange opportunities in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Here are a few Estonian universities that we suggest- Tallinn University, University of Tartu, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University of Arts, etc. 

Why Study Abroad in Estonia

Why Study Abroad in Estonia

It might not be the first option for studying abroad, Estonia is a small but dynamic nation that has a lot to offer. It offers reasonably priced, top-notch education from schools with great rankings. Furthermore, Estonia attracts tech companies and entrepreneurs due to its low cost of living, rich cultural heritage, and strong emphasis on technological advancement. Here are some reasons to consider studying in Estonia.

Estonia is known for being a center of innovation and technology

Estonia is recognized in Europe for its progressive approach to technology, including e-solutions, a flat-rate tax system, nationwide e-voting, and a welcoming attitude towards new innovations. Skype, created by four Estonian software developers, is a prime example of Estonia’s advancement in modern technology. The application, now owned by Microsoft, was created in Tallinn and allows for free calls worldwide.

High-quality education

Estonia has a strong history of providing top-notch higher education, with the first university founded in 1632, making it one of the oldest in Northern Europe. Overall, institutions offer 150 degree programs taught entirely in English.

Low Tuition Fees

Estonian universities offer very affordable tuition fees, particularly in comparison to other popular international student destinations. The cost of tuition varies according to your country, the course of study you wish to take, and the level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD). For instance, PhD programs are free for all foreign students.

International students can access scholarships and other financial support to help cover their fees and living expenses. When compared to tuition costs in the US, Canada, or Australia, studying in Estonia is far cheaper.

A cost of living that is affordable and suitable for students

The typical price for student housing is approximately $300 per month. Many bars, cafes, and restaurants provide discounts for students during specific hours. Public transportation in Tallinn is complimentary for all students. Student accommodation typically costs around $300 per month in Tallinn.

Many bars, cafes, and restaurants in the city offer discounts to students. All students in Tallinn can use public transport for free. Tallinn was ranked by Business Insider as one of the most affordable cities to live in Europe.

The culture is incredible

Tallinn is known for its impressive cultural sites such as St. Nicholas Church, a beautiful medieval building displaying religious artwork. Students can also explore historical landmarks like the Kiek in de Kok tower and the Gothic Town Hall, which offers panoramic views of the city.

Additionally, Tallinn has a vibrant nightlife scene with various options for entertainment, including bars, jazz clubs, live music venues, and techno clubs, perfect for celebrating the end of the term. 


Higher education institutions are focusing on internationalization, with the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia and the Archimedes Foundation taking the lead in promoting scholar and research mobility within and beyond Europe. 

Top Cities to Study in Estonia

Top Cities to Study in Estonia

Estonia’s higher education system is highly regarded globally, with its participation in the Bologna Process ensuring that its university diplomas are recognized internationally. The country has 15 public and nine private universities, many of which offer a range of programs taught in English due to the widespread use of the language in Estonia. Some of the important cities to study at Estonia-

Tartu Tartu is the second biggest city in Estonia and is known for its intellectual atmosphere. It has been a university town since 1632, and has a long history of providing excellent education and a lively community for international students. Must visit places are-

  • Raekoja Square
  • Town Hall
  • Soup Town

Tallinn The capital and hub of Estonia’s culture and education is Tallinn. Tallinn, which has the dual distinction of being one of the most technologically proficient towns in the world and one of the well-maintained ancient sites in Europe, offers students a unique blend of old and contemporary influences on daily life. Must see places-

  • Tallinn Tv Tower
  • Tallinn Old Town
  • Toompea Hill

Parnu- Parnu, home to 40.000 people, is regarded as one of Estonia’s biggest cities. Despite the fact that it is undoubtedly far from Tallinn’s 460 000 residents. Situated on the Baltic Sea and roughly 50 kilometers away from the Latvian border, this little city spans just 32 square kilometers in the west of the nation. Destinations to be visited-

  • Parnu Museum
  • The Parnu Jetty
  • Prison Escape

Rakvere- Rakvere, a town in the northeast of Estonia, is situated in the county of Laane-Virumaa. It has a population of approximately 15,500 people and spans an area of around 11 square kilometers. The town has a long history, having been built on the site of an ancient Danish town, and was previously known as Wesenberg. Some sight-seeings are-

  • Rakvere Theatre
  • Rakvere Linnus

Maardu- Maardu, a city in Estonia, has a population of 16,530 people and is known for being one of the most populous cities in the country. It is located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, near Finland, and covers an area of 22.8 square kilometers. One notable feature of Maardu is its large number of Russian speakers. Places to visit-

  • Church of the Archangel Michael
  • Park Nadezda

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Estonia Student Visa Requirements

Estonia Student Visa Requirements

Types of Student Visa- Non-EU citizen students must contact the nearest Estonian foreign embassy or consulate to schedule an appointment to apply for a long-term (D-Type) visa. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss individuals who wish to study in Estonia must obtain a student visa after receiving acceptance from an Estonian educational institution.

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens studying in Estonia just need to register their residence and apply for an ID card within the first month. Estonia Student Visa Fees- The current fee for Estonia Study Visa is 100 EUR. 

Study Visa Documents List-

  • Valid Passport
  • VISA Application Form
  • One Photo in White Background
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • Proof of Means of Transport (Flight Return Tickets)
  • Proof of Financial Means (Bank Statement for 3 months and Income Tax Return)
  • NID / Birth Certificate (If needed)
  • Previous VISA Copy and Refusal Copy (If any)
  • Certificate of Admission or Registration
  • Introduction Letter of the School/College/University
  • Cover Letter
  • Children under 18 (Notarized Consent Letter, Passport of the Parent/Legal Guardian)

Estonia University Tuition Fees Range

Estonia University Tuition Fees Range

Tuition fees for Bachelor and Master Programs can range from 1500 EUR to 15000 EUR per year, depending on various factors such as the level of study and the length of the program. But most of the courses range between 3000 EUR to 6000 EUR. Certain fields like medicine, law, business administration, and social sciences tend to have higher fees. In Estonia, doctoral studies are free of charge.

The time it takes to process a visa application for Estonia

The time it takes to process an Estonia visa can range from 15 to 60 days, but this can vary based on the timing of document submission and individual circumstances. It is important to complete all required steps promptly to avoid any delays in receiving your visa decision. Bangladeshi students are required to face the Estonia Visa in India. 

Popular Estonia University Courses- 

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Social Science
  • Information Technology
  • Environmental Science

Available Scholarships to Study in Estonia

University scholarships and grants provide financial assistance to students attending college. International students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships from the Estonian government and universities at all levels of study, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. Some of the available scholarships are-

Estonian National Scholarships

The scholarship assists international students who want to study at Estonian higher education institutions. It is available for formal degree studies or as an exchange student during August. The Education and Youth Board is in charge of managing the scholarship.

University Scholarships

Universities like, the University of Tartu, Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Business School, Estonian University of Life Sciences, etc. provide some amount of scholarships to assist the international students.  

Study Options-

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral
  • Short Courses

Study in Estonia from Bangladesh without IELTS

In Estonia IELTS is mostly accepted. Besides, By enrolling in the appropriate English exam preparation course, you can improve your language abilities to achieve the required scores for exams such as PTE Academic, IELTS, TOEFL, and others. 

Costs of studying and living in Estonia

Even though Estonia is known for its advanced technology and high quality of life, it is still a relatively affordable country. Students typically spend between 300-550 EUR per month on living expenses, though this can vary depending on individual habits and preferences. In Tallinn, public transportation is free for students, while in other cities like Tartu, students can purchase a discounted monthly transport pass for around 7-8 EUR. The cost of studying at Estonia varies depending on some factors but for Bachelor and Master Programs can range from 1500 EUR to 15000 EUR per year. 

Part-Time Jobs/Work Opportunities

International students in Estonia are allowed to work without needing an additional work permit. As long as they have a valid temporary residence permit for studying in the country, they have the right to work without any restrictions on hours or days, as long as it does not interfere with their studies.

Post-Study Work Permit

Estonia offers many job opportunities for international students, particularly for those from the EU region who do not require a work permit. However, students from non-EU regions must apply and receive a work permit, which is typically valid for 2 years and can be extended for up to 5 years.

Study in Estonia – FAQ

What is the duration of stay allowed in Estonia with a visa?

The length of your stay in Estonia depends on the type of visa you apply for, with short-stay visas allowing for a 90-day stay and long-stay visas allowing for a year-long stay.

Are there any funding opportunities available through scholarships?

It varies depending on the program and the academic level, but some programs do provide tuition fee waivers or scholarships for top applicants.

Is it possible for me to balance studying and working simultaneously?

International students studying full time in Estonia are permitted to work without an additional permit as long as it does not disrupt their studies. They must maintain passing grades and complete their studies within the expected timeframe.

Is it possible for me to turn in my English exam scores after the deadline for applications has passed?

It is important to submit all necessary documents, including proof of English proficiency, by the application deadline. There will be no extensions granted, so it is advised to plan ahead and take an international English exam prior to applying.

Do I require visa to apply in Estonia?

International students from non-EU countries need to obtain a temporary residence permit, also known as a student visa, in order to study.

What language are the studies being conducted in?

The universities offer studies in English mostly and there are few institutions where the studies are being conducted only in the Estonian language.

When is the appropriate time to submit an application for a visa or temporary residence permit?

The process of applying for a visa and residence permit will start once the student has been admitted to their selected program and has paid the tuition fee.


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