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Estonia is a great place for Bangladeshi students who want a top-notch education. It’s affordable, and it offers quality programs. Bangladeshi students get to enjoy diverse courses, a lively student life, and bright career chances.

Their universities, like the University of Tartu and Tallinn University, are known worldwide for excellence. Bangladeshi students can study IT, engineering, business, and the arts in a way that’s hands-on and prepares them for global careers.

Studying in Estonia also means having an enriching global experience. Bangladeshi students can enjoy a dynamic student life, varied cultural events, and chances to grow personally and professionally. Estonia truly helps its students, including Bangladeshi ones, to do well and stand out.

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Key Takeaways

  • Estonia offers a high-quality, affordable education for Bangladeshi students.
  • Estonian universities are globally recognized for excellence in fields like IT, engineering, business, and the arts.
  • Bangladeshi students can benefit from Estonia’s practical, industry-relevant education and vibrant student life.
  • Estonia provides an enriching international experience and opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Studying in Estonia can open up a world of opportunities for Bangladeshi students.

Introduction to Study in Estonia from Bangladesh

Estonia is a top choice for Bangladeshi students, offering both high-quality and pocket-friendly education. It’s known for its excellent universities, some of which are in Europe’s top ranks.

Students from Bangladesh love Estonia’s approach. It focuses on teaching practical, real-world skills. This means they’re ready for promising careers.

And, Estonia is not only safe; it’s also welcoming. Its cultural richness makes studying there an international adventure.

Why Choose Estonia for Higher Education?

Estonia’s focus on education attracts Bangladeshi students. It offers top-notch programs in various fields, meeting different interests. This blend makes learning practical and fun for future careers.

Its commitment to global learning brings diverse opportunities. Such an education equips Bangladeshi students for success worldwide.

Benefits of an Estonian Degree for Bangladeshi Students

Getting a degree in Estonia opens many doors for Bangladeshi students. They enjoy a top-notch academic environment with ties to various industries.

Also, Estonia’s friendly and culturally rich setting helps students grow. This experience enhances both personal development and understanding of different cultures.

Top Universities in Estonia for International Students

Estonia hosts several leading universities that welcome many international students, including from Bangladesh. The University of Tartu, Tallinn University, and Tallinn University of Technology stand as prestigious choices. They provide a vast selection of study programs in various areas. This includes IT, engineering, business, humanities, and the arts. These institutions are known for their superb academics, modern research, and strong ties with industries. They offer Bangladeshi students an excellent education and chances for personal and professional growth.

University of Tartu

The University of Tartu is at the forefront of higher education in Estonia. It is famous for its many study programs and focus on research and innovation. Students from Bangladesh can pick from a variety of programs, including those at the Master’s level. The offer ranges from Animation and Anthropology to Artificial Intelligence and Business Innovation.

Tallinn University

Tallinn University, located in Estonia’s capital city, is a key player in the humanities, social sciences, and educational sciences. Bangladeshi students can benefit from its postgraduate programs. These include Graphic Design, Innovation and Technology Management, International Business Administration, and Law, among others.

Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology, or TalTech, is the top tech university in Estonia. It leads in engineering, science, and technology. For students from Bangladesh, it offers a wide enough range. This includes Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and more.

The rich academic selection, modern facilities, and strong industry ties in Estonia’s top universities make them an ideal choice. This is especially true for Bangladeshi students searching for high-quality education and meaningful international exposure.

Study in Estonia from Bangladesh – Affordable Quality Education

affordable education in estonia

Studying in Estonia from Bangladesh is a great choice for many reasons. It offers high-quality education at affordable prices. Tuition fees are lower than in many other places. This makes it a good option for Bangladeshi students.

The cost of living in Estonia is also not too high. There are many affordable housing, food, and transportation choices.

Cost of Studying in Estonia for Bangladesh

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living

Tuition fees in Estonia range from €1,000 to €7,500 per year. If you’re studying medicine, you might pay around €11,000 annually. The living costs are from 400 to 800 EUR a month, including dorm stay. This affordability makes Estonia a top pick for Bangladeshi students wanting a European education.

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students

Estonian universities and the government give out many scholarships. These include support based on merit, need, or for specific groups. They can help with tuition and living costs. Some key scholarships are the Excellent Scholarships at Tallinn University, Kristjan Jaak Scholarships, and Government Scholarships for International Researchers and Academic Staff. They offer financial help to students from Bangladesh.

Admission Requirements for Estonian Universities

If you’re from Bangladesh and want to study in Estonia, you must know the admission rules. Estonia makes applying easier for Bangladeshi students. This is great news for anyone from Bangladesh dreaming of studying in Europe.

English Language Proficiency Tests

To get into an Estonian university, you need to show you’re good at English. This means taking tests like the IELTS or TOEFL. The minimum IELTS – Academic score you need is 5.5, whether you’re applying for a bachelor’s or a master’s program in Estonia.

Required Academic Documents

Bangladeshi students also need to provide academic documents when applying. This includes your school grades, certificates, and letters of recommendation. The good thing is, Estonian universities have made this process simple for students from other countries. They’ve adjusted their rules to help international students, like you, smoothly get into their programs.

Student Visa and Residency in Estonia for Bangladeshi Students

Student visa for estonia

Are you thinking about studying in Estonia as a Bangladeshi student? It’s key to know the visa and residency stuff. You’ll need to turn in a bunch of papers for your visa. This includes your valid passport, your acceptance letter from an Estonian school, proof you have enough money, and health insurance.

Visa Application Process

If you’re from outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland, like Bangladesh, you must get a student visa to study in Estonia. The visa costs 100 Euros, plus there’s a 10,000 Rupee Embassy fee. Expect to wait 10 to 30 days for your visa to come through.

Temporary Residence Permit for Studies

After arriving in Estonia, you can apply for a temporary residence permit for your studies. This permit lets you stay up to five years. There’s no set time for how long it takes to process your application. But don’t worry, the Estonian government is ready to help. They have guidelines to make things easier for students from Bangladesh.

Once you finish studying, you can stay for another nine months to look for a job. After living there for five years total, including your study time, you might get a permanent residence permit.

Accommodations and Housing Options in Estonia

student accommodation in estonia

If you’re from Bangladesh and studying in Estonia, you’re in luck. Estonia has a lot of places to live that might just be what you’re looking for. This includes dormitories and residence halls on campus, which are great for students away from home.

University Dormitories

University dormitories come with basic furniture, utilities, and are close to everything you need. Many Bangladeshi students find these a top choice. It’s easy on the wallet and a good place to start your academic adventure.

Private Rental Accommodations

If you prefer not to stay on campus, consider renting a private place. There are apartments or shared spaces close to universities. In Estonia, there are lots of reasonable options for living that meet your needs.

Part-Time Job Opportunities for International Students

part-time jobs for international students in estonia

Studying in Estonia as a Bangladeshi student opens up part-time job chances. Estonia allows international students to work 20 hours a week during their studies. This means you can earn extra money and gain valuable work skills. You can find work both on and off campus. This includes jobs in retail, hospitality, and more. Even teaching assistant roles in your university are an option.

Part-Time Job Average Hourly Income (in EUR)
Language Tutoring 10 – 20
Babysitting 7 – 10
Interpretation 20 – 30
Language Translators 20 – 30
Data Processing 10 – 15
Administrative Work 10 – 15
IT Programming and Developing 20 – 30
Clerical Jobs 10 – 15
Managerial Jobs 15 – 20
Waitressing 5 – 10
Shop Work 5 – 10

For Bangladeshi students, there are many work options in Estonia. You can look into campus jobs, tutoring, and work in food and retail. Babysitting and freelance work are also available. They offer you more money and a chance to learn new skills during your studies. You also get to be part of the local culture in Estonia.

Student Life and Culture in Estonia

Studying in Estonia is a dynamic experience for Bangladeshi students. They find a lot to do, thanks to the many campus activities and student groups. At Estonian universities, Bangladeshi students can join sports clubs and cultural societies. These groups help them get to know Estonian culture and traditions while feeling part of the community.

Campus Activities and Student Organizations

Estonian universities offer a lot of campus activities and groups for international students. Bangladeshi students can join sports clubs to keep active. Cultural societies allow them to share their background, creating a sense of belonging with other international students in Estonia.

In addition, there are volunteering and social events. These activities help Bangladeshi students connect with locals. It also helps them in their personal growth, teaching valuable skills like teamwork and leadership. These skills are vital in a global world.

Exploring Estonian Culture and Traditions

Bangladeshi students can dive into Estonian culture and traditions outside of school. They can experience the unique Nordic-Baltic heritage. This includes taking part in festivals and outdoor activities.

They can also enjoy Estonian music and dance. Exploring historic places and trying local foods deepens their understanding of Estonia. This cultural exchange builds strong ties between Bangladeshi and Estonian people.

Study in Estonia from Bangladesh – Gateway to European Education

Studying in Estonia from Bangladesh opens doors to European education. It gives Bangladeshi students a wide range of chances. With an Estonian degree, they can aim for top jobs not just in Estonia but also all over Europe.

An Estonian degree is highly valued worldwide. It gives students the skills they need for today’s job market. Plus, it lets them experience the latest in research and technology.

Advantages of an Estonian Degree for Future Prospects

Graduates with an Estonian degree stand out thanks to the practical skills they gain. Estonia’s universities are known for blending theory with real-world applications. These qualities help students be ready for exciting career paths after graduation.

Estonia’s universities have a strong international reputation. They excel in areas like IT, engineering, business, and the arts. This can boost Bangladeshi students’ job opportunities around the world.

Opportunities for Further Studies in Europe

The Estonian education system also prepares students for further studies across Europe. Bangladeshi students can use their education in Estonia to easily move into advanced programs. This opens the door to new academic avenues and opportunities for further studies in Europe.

Success Stories of Bangladeshi Students in Estonia

Bangladeshi pupils are doing very well in Estonia. After their studies, many have landed big jobs. This includes jobs in Estonia as well as around the world. Their achievements highlight the top-notch education and the great experiences offered in Estonia. Bangladeshi students who choose to study in Estonia end up doing great things. They also help make the bond between Bangladesh and Estonia stronger.

One standout story is Tahmina Rahman’s. She earned a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Tartu. Now, she works at Skype as a Software Engineer. She says Estonia helped her sharpen her tech skills and gave her global work experience.

Then there’s Anika Chowdhury. She studied Business Admin at Tallinn University. Now, she’s a Financial Analyst at an international firm’s Estonian office. Anika’s success she owes to Estonia’s practical education. It gave her the edge in her career.

These students from Bangladesh are more than achievers. They are also bridge-builders between their two countries. They prove that choosing Estonia for studies means getting top-notch education and life-changing experiences. They are true ambassadors for what Estonia offers to Bangladeshi students.

Support Services and Resources for International Students

Estonian universities and the government offer support services for international students in Estonia. This includes those from Bangladesh. The university student support centers in Estonia help with many things. They give advice on studies, mental health, job choices, and blending in with the local culture. This support makes it easier for Bangladeshi students to handle their studies.

Student organizations in Estonia are also key. They make the international student life better. These groups, including some aimed at international students, set up fun events and cultural shows. They also provide chances to meet and make friends. This way, Bangladeshi students can feel part of Estonia’s lively student scene.

University Student Support Services Student Organizations in Estonia
  • Academic advising
  • Mental health and counseling
  • Career planning and placement
  • Cultural integration workshops
  • Language support
  • International student associations
  • Cultural clubs and societies
  • Sports and recreational clubs
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Networking and career-focused groups

With these support services for international students in Estonia, Bangladeshi students feel welcome. They can learn and grow both personally and professionally while in Estonia.


Studying in Estonia from Bangladesh is a great chance for you. You can get a top-notch, yet affordable education in a safe European country. Estonia’s universities are highly respected for their strong academics, practical teaching, and focus on industries. This gives you a perfect platform to build the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.

Estonia offers lots of support services and chances for you to enjoy other European cultures. It’s an excellent choice for Bangladeshi students who want to achieve their full potential through studying abroad. This decision can start a life-changing journey that brings many new opportunities your way.

Estonia is a wonderful country to live in because of its low living costs, outstanding universities, and friendly atmosphere. Getting a degree from Estonia can greatly benefit your future. It opens up new opportunities in your home country and around the world job market.

FAQ’s: About Study in Estonia from Bangladesh

Why should Bangladeshi students consider studying in Estonia?

Estonia offers an education that’s both excellent and not too expensive. It has top-notch universities known around the world. The programs are hands-on and related to real industries. The country is also safe and welcoming, with a lively student scene. This makes it a place where you can grow both personally and professionally.

What are the top universities in Estonia for international students?

Estonia’s top picks for international students are the University of Tartu, Tallinn University, and Tallinn University of Technology. These places shine in academics, do cutting-edge research, and have strong ties with different industries.

How affordable is studying in Estonia for Bangladeshi students?

For Bangladeshi students, studying in Estonia won’t break the bank. Tuition fees in Estonian universities are often lower than other places in Europe. Plus, the living costs are fair, with good deals on housing, food, and getting around. There are even scholarships to help Bangladeshi students out.

What are the admission requirements for Bangladeshi students to study in Estonia?

Bangladeshi students need to be good at English, shown with IELTS or TOEFL scores. They also must provide school records, certificates, and letters of recommendation, depending on where they apply. These are part of the standard application process.

What is the process for Bangladeshi students to obtain a student visa and residence permit in Estonia?

To study in Estonia, Bangladeshi students need a student visa and sometimes a residence permit. They must give several documents like their passport, college acceptance, proof of money, and health insurance. If they’re already in Estonia, they can apply for a residence permit to stay longer.

What accommodation options are available for Bangladeshi students in Estonia?

Bangladeshi students can live in school dorms which are cheap and close to classes. But if they prefer, they can rent private places too, like flats or homes with roommates. The option varies based on where their university is.

Can Bangladeshi students work part-time while studying in Estonia?

Indeed, Bangladeshi students can work part-time jobs in Estonia, for up to 20 hours a week. This gives them extra cash and a chance to gain work skills while they study.

What kind of student life and cultural experiences can Bangladeshi students expect in Estonia?

Life at Estonian universities is full of fun and active groups. Bangladeshi students can join sports, culture clubs, or help out, getting to know Estonia’s special mix of Nordic and Baltic cultures.

What are the career and further study opportunities for Bangladeshi graduates from Estonian universities?

Estonian degrees are well-regarded worldwide, marking students with valuable skills. Bangladeshi grads have lots of doors open. They can work in Estonia, Europe, or elsewhere. The system also gives them a strong start for more study in Europe.

What kind of support services are available for Bangladeshi students studying in Estonia?

Estonia makes sure its international students, including those from Bangladesh, have help when they need it. This includes advice on academics, health, and building a career. They also set up events where students can meet and mingle.


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