Bangladesh is the starting point for many people who want to learn more by going on trips abroad. Around 60% of these people choose to study abroad. There’s more to studying abroad than just getting a degree. You can learn about other countries and gain useful skills. This guide was made just for Bangladeshi students who want to study abroad. We talk about how to choose the best college or university, how to get in, how to find scholarships and visas, and more. With our help, you won’t miss a beat.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Popular destinations for study, like the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and Germany, offer top schools and diverse courses.
  • To get in, you’ll need to show your English skills with exams like IELTS or TOEFL. Some schools might want SAT, GRE, or GMAT scores too.
  • Look into scholarships from programs like Fulbright, Chevening, and DAAD for financial help.
  • For a visa, you’ll likely need a good passport, a letter of acceptance, proof of funds, and sometimes a health check.
  • Being ready for new cultures and languages is key to a great academic journey. Good English is a must, and local language skills will make your time abroad even better.

Understanding The Importance of International Education

study abroad from bangladesh

International education is more than just getting a degree. It helps us see the world in a bigger way. We learn valuable life skills when we study abroad. These skills include fitting in with different cultures, solving problems, and talking with people from other countries.

By studying in other countries, we meet people from all walks of life. This interaction broadens our mind. It makes us question what we know and learn to appreciate others’ differences. We end up thinking in a way that considers the entire world, not just our own corner of it.

Academically, studying abroad opens many doors. Foreign universities often lead cutting-edge programs. They let us dive into practical work in the field of our choice. We get to learn from top professors and get international connections.

International education isn’t only about academics. It’s also a lesson in life skills that today’s employers love. Adapting to new places and situations, being tough when things get challenging, and talking well are key. These abilities can help us climb the career ladder faster.

Studying in new places also helps us get better at understanding others. We become better at seeing things from someone else’s point of view. And we learn to communicate with others, no matter their background. These are skills badly needed in the global workplace today.

Going abroad for studies makes our personal and professional lives better. Employers really value people with experience in other countries. They often pay more attention to job applicants with international backgrounds. These individuals might even earn more and enjoy a better career path.

Living in a different country means we pick up its language. This is especially true in places where English is spoken. Everyday practice with locals sharpens our language skills. It gives us an advantage when looking for work worldwide.

Being in a new country isn’t just about the language, though. We get to really see how things work in other places, like big companies and new business setups. This first-hand look teaches us a lot about the global job market.

Also, if we get the chance to study at top universities like Harvard, Stanford, or Oxford, it can change our future. These places open doors to a powerful network. This network can really help us grow professionally and personally.

In the end, international education is about so much more than a certificate. It changes how we think, helps us grow, and teaches us essential skills. Studying abroad shapes us for a world that is more connected. It makes sure we are ready for success in a global society.

Destination Selection: Top Countries to Study

When picking a study spot, looking at famous schools, program options, vibrant culture, job chances, and rules on moving are key. For Bangladeshi scholars, there are many top picks. Each country offers its own benefits for learning and living. Here are some favorite places for Bangladeshi students:

1. United States

The U.S. wins many Bangladeshi hearts. It has famous schools and chances to intern with big companies to boost job skills. Bangladeshi students often aim for MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Caltech for their studies and future jobs.

2. United Kingdom

The UK stands out with its iconic schools like Oxford and Cambridge. They let graduates stay to work after studying. Plus, their programs are often quicker and can save students both time and money.

3. Canada

Canada’s pull includes its quality schools and mix of many cultures. Schools like University of Toronto and McGill are popular picks. Canada’s education is varied and its people welcoming to overseas’ students.

4. Australia

Australia is loved for its great schools and easy life. Schools like University of Sydney and University of Melbourne offer top-notch education.5Students get to experience a lively culture while studying.

5. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai is a hub for prestigious schools and a bustling business scene. It’s famous for global living and trends. Great schools in Dubai include GBS, Curtin, and RIT, offering quality education to students.

6. Malaysia

Malaysia charms with its affordability, quality education, and rich mix of cultures. Universities such as Universiti Malaya cater to many disciplines.5Studying in Malaysia means enjoying top-notch academics and cultural delights.

7. Germany, Sweden, Singapore, and New Zealand

Looking beyond the usual, some great places to study include Germany and its top schools. In Sweden, students find Karolinska Institute and Lund University. Singapore welcomes students to schools like NUS and NTU. New Zealand shines with the University of Auckland and University of Otago’s programs. These places offer niche academic experiences and dynamic cultures for a fulfilling study journey.

When choosing a study spot, it’s good to look at the type of academics, funding availability, living costs, visa needs, and how well you fit in culturally. Consider all these points carefully. Doing your own research and getting advice from experts like BD Expert Education Consultancy can also guide your choices. They help with choosing the right study spot, preparing high-quality applications, locating scholarships, and advice on visas.

Admission Process and Requirements: Study Abroad from Bangladesh

Admission Process and Requirements

Studying abroad involves knowing how to apply and what you need. Bangladeshi students should research well for this. Different countries and schools have their own rules, but some things are always needed.

1. Researching Study Destinations and Universities

Start by looking at where you might want to go and the right schools. Think about what programs are offered, the school’s reputation, and where it is.

2. Application Requirements

Look closely at what each school wants in their application. Usually, you will need to give them your grades, scores from English tests, other test scores, a few letters of recommendation, and a letter about yourself.

3. Academic Transcripts

Your grades or academic transcripts show how well you’ve done in school. Make sure they show you’re a good student and that your grades meet the school’s standards.

4. English Proficiency Tests

To show you’re good at English, you might need to take a test like IELTS or TOEFL. Different schools want different scores, so check what they need and make sure you do well.

Statistical data: For starting college in the U.S., the required scores are IELTS: 5.5, TOEFL: 70, TOEIC: 650, Duolingo: 75.

Statistical data: For graduate school in the U.S., the scores needed are IELTS: 6.0, TOEFL: 80, TOEIC: 700, Duolingo: 90.

5. Standardized Tests

Some schools also want you to take other tests like SAT or GRE. Get ready and take these tests if you need to.

6. Letters of Recommendation

Ask people who know you well to write about how great you are. They can tell the schools why you’d be a good student. Choose people wisely.

7. Statement of Purpose

Write a strong essay talking about why you want to study and what you hope to do in the future. This part is very important.

8. Application Deadlines

Make sure to send your application and all papers before the deadline. This is really key in the whole process.

Moving Forward

To study abroad, do all you can to meet the school’s needs. Get your grades, do well on tests, get good letters, and write a great essay. Time management is crucial too. Good luck!

Selecting the Best Courses for Study Abroad

Navigating Scholarship Opportunities

scholarship opportunities

Studying abroad might seem costly, but there are many scholarships for Bangladeshi students. These scholarships offer help based on your grades, financial needs, or other factors.

The Australian Government spends around $200 million a year on scholarships for international students. This opens up big chances for Bangladeshi students wanting to study there.

Canada’s Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program gives students $5,000 each session, up to $15,000 for three sessions. This is a great chance for Bangladeshi students to pursue education in Canada.

In New Zealand, several universities award scholarships to Bangladeshi students. This includes 26 for postgraduates and 2 for undergraduates. It’s a good opportunity to follow your academic dreams in New Zealand.

The UK has scholarships like Chevening for top students from countries like Bangladesh. These help with fees and connect you with top universities in the UK.

The US offers the Foreign Fulbright Student Program, a well-known scholarship. It covers a lot, including tuition, health insurance, books, airfare, and living expenses for those doing master’s or PhDs. Bangladeshi students can make their academic wishes come true with this program.

Ireland also has great scholarship chances. The Irish Government offers 60 scholarships, and then there’s the Walsh Fellowship. Remember, there are many opportunities for scholarships beyond these examples. It’s key to search and apply to achieve your study abroad plans.

Types of Scholarships

Type of Scholarship Description
Merit-based Awarded based on academic performance
Need-based Awarded based on financial background
Subject-specific For students in specific fields of study
Country-specific Funding for students from specific countries
Diversity scholarships Based on gender, ethnicity, etc.
Athletic scholarships Based on sports achievements

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in the USA

Fulbright Foreign Student Program
Rotary Peace Fellowships
The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in Canada

Entrance Scholarships
Presidential Scholarships
Government-funded scholarships

Acquiring the Right Student Visa

Getting a student visa is key for Bangladeshi students who want to study abroad. It’s important to know the visa rules and how to apply. This helps make your move to another country go smoothly.

Each country has its own visa needs. However, some key papers are usually asked for:

  • A valid passport
  • An acceptance letter from your school.
  • Proof of money to cover costs, like bank statements or letters.
  • Maybe a health check to ensure you’re fit.

After getting all your documents ready, you must set up a visa interview. Do this at the embassy or consulate of the country you’re going to. This interview is your chance to share your study plan, funds, and that you plan to come back home.

Prepare for the visa interview by learning common questions, sorting your papers, and rehearsing. Be confident and honest. The officer will decide if you get the visa based on your info and documents.

Remember, each country sets its own visa rules. So, it’s vital to look into the visa process for where you want to study. Use the help the embassy or consulate offers for the latest details.

Getting a student visa marks the start of your adventure in studying abroad. Apply for your visa early to beat any slow times. If you’re ever unsure during the visa process, your school’s international office or an expert immigration lawyer can help.

Preparing for Life Abroad: Cultural and Language Preparedness

cultural preparedness

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity for students from Bangladesh. It allows them to fully dive into a different culture and maybe pick up a new language. Preparing well for both the cultural and language parts is key for this adventure.

Getting ready culturally means learning about the customs and language of where you’re going. It’s important to understand and respect these so that you can fit in better. This way, making friends with both locals and other students will be much easier.

Speaking English well is important for your time abroad. It doesn’t just help with your classes but also with making friends and joining clubs. It’s also good to know a little of the local language. This shows respect and can help you connect with people in the new place you’re visiting.

Research proves that being good in the local language sets you up for success while abroad. It helps with your studies, making friends, and really getting to know the culture. So, the more you know, the better your time abroad should be.

There are people who can really help with all this, like the team at AHZ. They offer advice and support regarding the new culture and language. These pros know just what students from Bangladesh need for their study abroad adventure.

To wrap it up, making sure you’re ready culture- and language-wise is super important. Learning about the place you’re going, speaking English well, and getting advice from consultants can really improve your study abroad time. It boosts your experience and opens up great learning opportunities.

Key Elements of Preparing for Life Abroad Benefits
Familiarize yourself with customs, etiquette, and language of the destination country Facilitate cultural adaptation and establish meaningful connections
Enhance English language skills Improved academic success, effective communication, and networking opportunities
Learn basic phrases in the local language Show respect, build rapport, and engage with the local community
Seek guidance from study abroad consultants like AHZ Receive expert advice, resources, and support for cultural adaptation

Staying Connected: Balancing Home and Abroad

Going to study abroad is both thrilling and tough for students from Bangladesh. It’s a chance to grow both personally and academically. But, feeling homesick is normal. Luckily, tech makes staying in touch with family and friends easier. It’s important to balance these old connections with new ones and getting to know the foreign culture for a great study abroad experience.

Technology has changed the way we keep in touch despite the distance. With tools like video calls and social media, students can share their experiences in real-time with loved ones. This not only helps fight off homesickness but also offers support during tough times.

“Studying abroad doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with loved ones. Use tech to stay close with your support back home.”

It’s crucial to connect with home but also to make new connections and understand the local culture. You’ll get to know people from all over the world. Making friends and getting involved in clubs and activities helps you feel at home in the new place.

Embracing the local culture is also very insightful. It lets you understand the new country’s traditions better. Joining local events and tasting the local food are fun ways to do this and make your time abroad more meaningful.

“Studying abroad is more than just learning; it’s about new adventures, making lasting friendships, and finding who you are.”

In summary, it’s vital to stay in touch with home while making new friends and learning about the foreign culture. By using technology to stay connected and embracing the new culture, Bangladeshi students can have a successful study experience abroad.

Life as a Bangladeshi Student Abroad

Studying abroad is a chance for Bangladeshi students to grow, learn, and achieve great things. It opens doors to new experiences and challenges. This journey brings both opportunities and hurdles. Let’s explore them.

Academic Differences

Adapting to a new country’s education system is the first challenge for many. Every place has its unique way of teaching and learning. Understanding and adjusting to these differences takes time. Yet, with hard work and talking to teachers and fellow students, the shift becomes easier.

Struggling is normal, but seeking help from your school can make a big difference10.

Cultural Differences

Living in another country means facing new traditions and ways of life. It can be both exciting and tough. Bangladeshi students get to experience diverse customs and values. It’s key to be open-minded and respectful towards these differences.

Connecting with locals and attending cultural events can enrich your experience.


Feeling homesick is something many students deal with. Missing home, family, and friends is natural. But, staying in touch through technology and meeting other Bangladeshis can help. Over time, you’ll adjust to your new life.

Dealing with homesickness is part of the journey. It gets easier over time.

Financial Management

Finances are also a big part of studying abroad. Costs for tuition, housing, and living can be high. Making a budget and looking for scholarships is essential. Finding work, if possible under your visa, can also ease the financial burden.

Being smart with money and working part-time can make a difference.

Study Abroad Challenges

Living and learning in a new place comes with its challenges. Managing school, a social life, and self-care can be hard. Staying organized and balanced is crucial. Know that help from your school is always there when you need it. Tackling challenges makes you stronger and more independent.

Studying abroad shapes you in ways you can’t imagine. There will be hurdles, but also chances for growth. By being prepared and open-minded, Bangladeshi students can thrive during their time abroad. It’s truly a life-changing journey.

Making The Most of Your Experience

Studying abroad means more than classes and a degree. It’s a chance for big personal and career growth. For Bangladeshi students, getting involved in activities, exploring the new country, meeting professionals, and growing as a person are key steps.

Extracurricular Activities

Extra activities outside classes can make your time abroad much better. They help you meet new people, learn new things, and develop important skills. Consider joining clubs, sports, or volunteering. This not only helps you enjoy your time but also looks great on your resume.

Travel and Exploration

One big perk of studying abroad is all the travel you can do. Use breaks and weekends to see important sites and natural beauty. Traveling lets you see the world in new ways, learn about different cultures, and create memories. Make a plan to fit everything in your schedule and budget.


Networking can help your future career a lot. Go to job fairs, workshops, and events in your field. Meet and connect with professionals who do what you want to do. Look for chances to intern or spend time shadowing someone in a job you’re interested in.

Personal Growth

Studying abroad is a chance to grow a lot as a person. There will be tough times, but facing them helps you grow. Try new things, and don’t be afraid to be different. Learn from your experiences. They will make you stronger, more flexible, and more global in your outlook.

It’s not just about your grades. Going abroad is a chance to grow in many ways. Taking part in activities, exploring the culture, meeting people, and growing personally all help. These experiences set you up for a bright future, so really make the most of it as a Bangladeshi student.


Studying in another country can be life-changing for Bangladeshi students. It opens doors to opportunities and helps them grow as individuals. This guide helps students make the most of their study abroad experience.

Living in a foreign land helps students pick up a new language. This is good for those going to English-speaking countries. It makes finding jobs easier and helps with talking to people worldwide.

Being in a new place lets students meet people from all over the world. This builds a network that could help in the future. It also makes them better at handling different situations and gives them a global outlook. This makes their resume stand out.

Universities outside of Bangladesh have top-notch facilities and chances for research. Countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany are liked by Bangladeshi students for their varied courses and reputable schools. Knowing about these countries’ education and culture is important for a successful study abroad plan.

FAQ’s About Study Abroad from Bangladesh

What are the benefits of studying abroad for Bangladeshi students?

Studying abroad is not just about academics. It’s also about growing personally and understanding different cultures. It offers global insights and important life lessons.

Which countries are popular study destinations for Bangladeshi students?

The top spots for Bangladeshi students are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. These places offer quality education and a welcoming environment.

What is the admission process for studying abroad?

To apply, you’ll need your academic records, English proficiency proof, and recommendation letters. You also write a statement about your goals. Each country and school has its unique requirements.

Are there scholarships available for Bangladeshi students to study abroad?

Absolutely! Scholarships can be based on your grades, your financial situation, or be part of programs like the Fulbright or Chevening. These help make studying abroad more accessible.

What are the requirements for obtaining a student visa?

Getting a visa usually includes having a valid passport and an acceptance letter. You may also need to show you have enough money and could have a health check. A visa interview is often part of the process.

How can I prepare for studying abroad in terms of culture and language?

Start by learning about the country’s culture and language. Brush up on your English and try to learn a few phrases in the local tongue. This will help you adapt faster.

How can I stay connected with my loved ones while studying abroad?

Use technology to keep in touch with family and friends back home. It’s also crucial to make new friends and engage with your new environment. This balance is key to a great experience.

What challenges may I face as a Bangladeshi student abroad?

There might be hurdles with the new academic system, cultural differences, and missing home. Focus on being ready to tackle these challenges with planning and flexibility.

How can I make the most of my study abroad experience?

Go beyond the classroom; join clubs, travel, and meet people. This not only enriches your experience but also builds your resume and future job prospects.

How can Bangladeshi students successfully navigate the study abroad process?

Follow a detailed plan to study abroad. This guide helps students from Bangladesh smoothly achieve their study goals while enjoying personal growth and new skills.


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