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Md. Hadiul Islam.

Md. Hadiul Islam

My goal has always been to study overseas to expand the reach of my career internationally. I then applied to the University of South Wales through GMC STUDIES with MOI for an MSc in Digital Marketing. Working with GMC STUDIES was a great experience for me. We all know that obtaining a visa may be stressful, but GMC STUDIES made the process simple for me. Obtaining my visa determination in about one day

Mehnaz Nasrin


I had a great experience with GMC STUDIES. They were extremely helpful and friendly, guiding me through the entire process. Thanks to their assistance, I was able to make a significant transition from completing a bachelor’s degree in Botany to pursuing an MA in Education (International Education) at Birmingham City University. GMC was crucial in helping me and my family obtain our visas, which were approved on the same day.

Md. Saymum Huda Khan


I had an incredible experience with GMC STUDIES. I applied for an MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the University of Portsmouth. The team at GMC STUDIES was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, from registration to visa application, and everything went very smoothly. I had my wife and two children with me as my dependents and GMC STUDIES provided full support for all of us.

Abir Hasan Olive

Abir Hasan Olive

After completing my graduation, I am going to study for my master’s at the University of Leicester in MSc Cancer Molecular Pathology & Therapeutics. During my research on online media, I found details on GMC STUDIES. After researching properly, I found the page very much reliable. When I researched different university websites, I also found GMC’s name in the authentic agency section. Afterward, during the processing time, I was satisfied with their work which was open as there was no gap between their information. From the application to the file processing stage, they helped a lot. Our file was processed and the application was submitted. Within 15 days we received our VISA. I am very satisfied with GMC STUDIES’ service. I will recommend GMC STUDIES to everyone as the first choice.

Protha Hossain

Protha Hossain

I am going to the University of Portsmouth to study MA in Digital Marketing course. My experience with GMC STUDIES is very good. Everyone in GMC STUDIES is very friendly and cooperative. When I was stuck in any situation, whenever I called them, I received the best service and response from GMC. Even after office time when I tried to communicate with GMC, no bad feeling ever created, and they cooperated with me always. I will recommend GMC to everyone because they provide very good service in everything and they are very professional. If anyone is interested in studying in the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia I will recommend GMC STUDIES.

Md. Mahmud Sharif


After completing my bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, I had always wanted to study abroad for better opportunities. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in MSc in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Leicester in the UK. I learned about GMC STUDIES through an education fair in Rangpur and was impressed with their services from day one. They assisted me with the application process, helped me write my statement of purpose, and even prepared me and my spouse for my visa interview. Overall, their service was excellent.

Md. Mahmud Sharif

I am going to the University of Portsmouth to study MSc Civil Engineering program. From the beginning to the end, GMC STUDIES helps me a lot. I contacted them and they helped me with the A-to-Z process. I will recommend GMC STUDIES because I don’t think that the help and benefits that I got from them can be from anywhere else. They completed every task with care. I will refer anyone who is determined to study abroad. They have an affiliation with the universities.

Saeed Hamad S Alwuthaynani

Friendly staff, great services and professional at work. They helped me to continue my postgraduate by giving me wonderful options to study in one of the biggest university in the UK. I fully recommended for students who are struggling with their future decisions of study or those who need educational consulting to contact them.

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