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Mosa-Aisha Akter


I am going to the University of Portsmouth to study MA in Business Communication for International Leadership. I found out about GMC STUDIES. They are very cooperative. They showed me the light of hope. They helped and cooperated with me from the admission processing to the VISA processing. Those who are interested in going to study abroad can contact GMC STUDIES. They will help and cooperate with you.

Shakkhar Das

student review, from Shakkhar-Das

“Working with the GMC STUDIES team during my UK visa application was a wonderful experience for me. I knew nothing about the visa process and did not know how to start it after completing my undergraduate degree. I wanted to apply to the University of Essex for an MSc in Molecular Medicine after learning about GMC STUDIES on social media. I found the process to be simple and the company to be highly professional. They helped me achieve my aim of being in the UK, therefore for that, I am grateful”

Md Masudur Rahman Reaz

Smooth Journey to Study Abroad: Thanks to GMC STUDIES!

I applied for Cardiff Metropolitan University for MSc Digital Marketing Management. Unsure of where to start, I turned to social media and discovered GMC STUDIES. Their guidance and support ensured a successful visa process and a smooth journey to pursue my career abroad. Highly recommend them to anyone considering studying abroad.”

Md Masudur Rahman Reaz

Anwar Hussain

Seamless Journey to Regent College London: GMC STUDIES Delivers!

With GMC STUDIES’ assistance, I successfully navigated the application, visa process, and pre-CAS interview for my undergraduate degree. Their guidance on payment issues and interview preparation was invaluable. Highly recommend them to anyone considering studying abroad. Alhamdulillah for their support.

Rakibul Hasan Chowdhury

“Very friendly people with the collaboration of credible minds. I always recommend GMC to those, who are confused about their future turn and want to grab the best higher study opportunity because I got their best efforts to catch the opportunity to study abroad and I believe that everyone also will get that kind of service.”

Tawhida Jahan


I am going to the University of Portsmouth to study Master’s in Civil Engineering program. Amazing experiences With GMC studies. I am fully stisfy for there services. Thanks GMC studies for support me.

Dipongkor Debnath


I applied to Portsmouth University for my master’s in Business Communication for International Leadership. GMC STUDIES’ office was visited. I learnt the steps. GMC STUDIES has always supported me. They constantly assisted me with application, payment, and CAS interview preparation. If I have any problems, GMC STUDIES will assist. My friends and family who want to study abroad will hear me promote GMC STUDIES.

Mehnaz Afrin Meem

Mehnaz Afrin Meem

After completing my HSC, I am interested to study in Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland in the Aerospace Engineering program. I found out about GMC STUDIES from social media. They are very helpful from the beginning to last, from application to VISA processing. To solve any problem GMC helps me a lot. I am suggesting those who are interested and determined to study abroad, can get help from GMC STUDIES. They will help you in every step.

Afroza Alim Asha

Afroza Alim Asha

I’m studying MA Public Relations at Birmingham City University with the incredible support of GMC STUDIES. They feel like family to me, providing comprehensive pre-CAS interview preparation and recommendations. Unlike other organizations, GMC STUDIES takes full responsibility and personalizes their approach. They even included my dependent in the application process. I highly recommend GMC STUDIES to anyone considering studying abroad.

Fatemah Alzahraa A A M A Ghuloum

I’m doing an MSc in Management with Project Management at BPP. My brother recommended GMC STUDIES. After chatting to them, I liked them. Helped me acquire the offer letter, prepare for the CAS interview, take sample exams, and motivate my VISA application. I received more help than expected till I got my passport. They assisted well. GMC STUDIES deserves my gratitude. I applied with my dependant and got a VISA in 7 days. Those interested in studying abroad should contact them. They will help you plan your studies abroad.

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