The world is but a canvas for our imagination.” Henry David Thoreau. This quote shows how your educational journey can take you anywhere. For Bangladesh students, studying in Malaysia means a lot of chances. Getting a student visa is the first important step to making your academic dreams come true.

First off, it’s easier to get a student visa in Malaysia than in many other places. To study in Malaysia for a degree or diploma, you must have finished 12 years of schooling. Also, you need to pass an international or national exam. The process has three main parts: 1) You contact the school you want to go to, 2) You wait for them to confirm your acceptance, and 3) You send in all the documents they require.

The documents you need to send are an application form you’ve filled out, the school’s acceptance letter, copies of your passport, some photos, your school certificates, proof you can pay for your studies, a health check certificate, and your insurance papers.

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Why Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh?

Malaysia Student Visa from Bangladesh

Malaysia is drawing in Bangladeshi students for many reasons. It offers a safe setting, affordable studies, and a top-notch education system. Students looking for a rewarding academic journey find Malaysia a perfect fit.

Safe and Secure Study Destination

Known for its stable geography and lack of major disasters, Malaysia is often seen as a safe choice. This is especially true for those practicing Islam. Its location and peaceful politics add to a welcoming environment for everyone studying there.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Education in Malaysia isn’t as costly as in some other places. This accessibility is great for students from Bangladesh. Public universities charge between RM 9,800 to RM 22,050 for a year undergraduate studies. Meanwhile, private ones range from RM 6,615 to RM 45,570 annually.

Globally Recognized Education System

Malaysia’s education system is praised worldwide. Many of its universities partner with leading institutions in the UK, US, and Australia. Employers all over the world value degrees and diplomas from Malaysian institutions.

Multicultural Environment

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, with influences from Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European cultures. This mix makes studying there a truly multicultural experience. It’s a great choice for students looking to broaden their cultural horizons.

Opportunity to Study Without IELTS

Some Malaysian universities let students join without an IELTS score. This is a big plus for students from Bangladesh who might struggle with English but are strong academically. It opens doors to quality education for more students.

Popular Universities in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

popular universities in malaysia for bangladeshi students

Malaysia has a mix of higher education places that Bangladeshi students really like. It doesn’t matter if you prefer public, private, or foreign branch campus universities, Malaysia has many options to pick from for your studies.

Public Universities

Public universities in Malaysia, like University Malaya (UM) and University Technology Malaysia (UTM) are very popular with Bangladeshi students. They also love University Putra Malaysia (UPM), University Technology MARA (UiTM), and others. These universities are well-known for high-quality study programs and lots of research.

Private Universities

There are also many private universities in Malaysia that Bangladeshi students like. UCSI University and Masha University are some examples. There’s also Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), INTI International University & Colleges, and more. These places offer a variety of courses and great facilities. They also have many students from around the world.

Foreign University Branch Campuses

Malaysia is proud to have foreign universities like Curtin University set up branches there. Curtin University, Malaysia, is among the top 1% of universities globally. This means Bangladeshi students can get degrees from these top schools while staying in Malaysia.

Admission Requirements for International Students in Malaysia

To study in Malaysia, international students from places like Bangladesh have to meet certain rules. Although many of these are college-set, you might need to abide by them.

You should have finished 12 years of school and done well in tests like the GCE ‘A’ Level or International Baccalaureate. This step makes sure that students from abroad, including Bangladesh, are ready for college here.

For undergrad studies, an average grade of 3.5 out of 5 is usually needed. For a Bachelor’s degree, the average of your scores should be 2.5 out of 4. These rules help colleges pick students who can do great in their programs.

Also, students may need to show how well they know English by taking a test like IELTS. Depending on the course and college, you might need a score between 4.0 and 6.5 in IELTS.

Aside from your grades, getting into a Malaysian college means you must hand in a lot of documents. These include your visa form, a letter from the college flagged by Malaysia, ID copies, pictures, school records, proof of money, and permission from your government to study full-time.

All this may sound like a lot of work, but if students from Bangladesh follow these steps, they have a good chance of studying in Malaysia. This country is known for being safe, having low fees, and offering quality education.

How to Get a Malaysian Student Visa from Bangladesh

how to get malaysia student visa from bangladesh

Getting a student visa for Malaysia from Bangladesh is quite easy. You need to have finished twelve years of education and passed a test that is accepted in Malaysia. Then there are three key steps to follow:

Documents Required for Student Visa

To start your Malaysian student visa from Bangladesh, prepare these papers:

  • Fill out and sign the student visa application.
  • Get your admission letter from the Malaysian school you picked.
  • Bring copies of your passport.
  • Passport photos.
  • Copies of your school papers.
  • Show that you have money to cover your costs. This could be bank statements or letters showing someone will pay for you.
  • A health check and certificate.
  • Insurance for travel and health.

Student Visa Application Process

Here’s how to get a student visa for Malaysia from Bangladesh:

  1. Apply for a spot at a Malaysian school.
  2. Wait for them to say you’re in and send you an offer.
  3. Get all the papers you need for your visa.
  4. Hand in your visa application at the closest Malaysian embassy or consulate.
  5. They might ask you some questions in an interview.
  6. After it’s all approved, get ready to head to Malaysia.

Each school and embassy might have a slightly different way of doing things. Always check the current rules to make sure you apply them correctly and on time.

Top Programs and Courses in Malaysia

top programs and courses in malaysia

Malaysia offers a wide variety of academic programs for international students, like those from Bangladesh. You can study everything, from business and management to computer science and engineering. This allows for a rich choice of programs and courses.


Malaysia has great MBA programs in both public and private universities. They teach a broad range of business topics. Students learn what they need to succeed in the world’s fast-paced markets.

Tourism and Hospitality Management

In Malaysia, the tourism industry is thriving. Universities here offer top-notch programs in tourism and hospitality management. Students learn about managing hotels, planning events, and marketing destinations. This prepares them for exciting careers in tourism.

Computer Science

Malaysian universities are top choices for studying computer science. They offer up-to-date programs on technologies. Students learn about software, artificial intelligence, and data analysis. These skills are vital in the computer science sector.

Data Science

In today’s world, data is crucial for making decisions. Malaysia has responded with great data science programs. These programs teach students how to work with big data. This knowledge is key for innovation in many industries.


Malaysia is known for its engineering education. You can study civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. These programs mix theory with hands-on practice. They set students up for success in engineering jobs.

Medicine and Healthcare

Malaysia’s healthcare sector is booming. Its universities offer top medicine and healthcare programs. Students can study medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and public health. These programs train students to improve healthcare worldwide.

Banking and Finance

Malaysia’s financial world is stable and forward-thinking. It’s a great place to study banking and finance. Courses include accounting, investment, and financial analysis. They help students kick-start their careers in finance.

Tuition Fees in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

tuition fees in malaysia

Thinking about studying in Malaysia? You’ll find the tuition fees here are more affordable than many other places. The cost depends on where you study, public or private universities in Malaysia.

Public Universities

At Malaysia’s public universities, tuition fees for Bangladeshi students start at about 370,000 to 555,000 BDT a year for bachelor’s degrees. For master’s degrees, it ranges from 277,000 to 462,500 BDT each year.

Private Universities

Private universities in Malaysia charge a bit more. Bangladeshi students can expect to pay about 462,500 to 925,000 BDT for a bachelor’s degree annually. For a master’s degree, the cost can be the same range.

These numbers are rough estimates. The exact amount might change based on the university, your study program, and educational level. Always check with your chosen school for the most up-to-date fees.

Program Public Universities Private Universities
Undergraduate RM 9,800 – RM 22,050 (370,000 – 555,000 BDT) RM 6,615 – RM 45,570 (462,500 – 925,000 BDT)
Postgraduate RM 2,450 – RM 19,600 (277,000 – 462,500 BDT) RM 7,350 – RM 14,700 (462,500 – 925,000 BDT)
Doctoral RM 7,000 – RM 12,000 (277,000 – 462,500 BDT) RM 9,000 – RM 12,000 (462,500 – 630,000 BDT)

As you can tell from the numbers, Malaysia offers affordable education to Bangladeshi students. It’s a great option for those looking to further their education without spending too much.

Available Scholarships in Malaysia for Bangladeshi Students

If you’re from Bangladesh and thinking about studying in Malaysia, here’s some good news. There are many scholarships waiting for you. Malaysia has several opportunities, such as the Malaysia Government Scholarship, Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship, and Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS).

The Malaysia Government Scholarship covers everything you need for school. This includes fees, thesis costs, travel help, medical support, and living expenses. To apply, you can’t be over 45 and need good grades from your bachelor’s degree or earlier.

The Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship is also available to you. It comes from Malaysia and the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. Its goal is to help students grow into future leaders in their home countries.

Scholarship Key Features
Malaysia Government Scholarship – Pays for school, thesis, travel, medicine, and living
– Needs: Below 45, good grades from your first degree
Malaysia Commonwealth Scholarship – From Malaysia and the Commonwealth to support future
– Helps students from Commonwealth countries
Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) – Aims to bring top students worldwide to Malaysia
– Open to students globally, including from Bangladesh

Also, the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) invites top students from across the world. This includes students from Bangladesh. The goal is to attract talented individuals to study in Malaysia.

These scholarships underscore Malaysia’s welcome to students worldwide. That includes those from Bangladesh. They aim to open doors to excellent education for everyone. By looking into these scholarships in Malaysia for Bangladeshi students, you’re stepping towards your academic and career dreams.

Cost of Living in Malaysia for International Students

Thinking about studying in Malaysia from Bangladesh, it’s key to look at the living costs. Data shows that monthly expenses for students can vary a lot.

Rent eats up a big part of the budget, usually about 7,400 to 14,800 BDT each month. Food and other basics are also pricey, costing around 11,100 to 14,800 BDT monthly. Essentials like electricity and water add up too, around 3,700 to 7,400 BDT monthly.

For international students in Malaysia, there are extra costs like phone plans and the internet, which are about 1,850 to 2,775 BDT monthly. Study materials, including books, are an additional 1,850 to 3,700 BDT each month. Getting around Malaysia costs roughly 1,850 to 2,775 BDT monthly.

Expense Category Estimated Monthly Cost (BDT)
Rent 7,400 – 14,800
Food and Housekeeping 11,100 – 14,800
Utilities 3,700 – 7,400
Phone and Internet 1,850 – 2,775
Books and Study Materials 1,850 – 3,700
Travel and Transportation 1,850 – 2,775

The cost of living in Malaysia for international students changes with where you study and your lifestyle. But, this gives a good sense of the monthly bills for Bangladeshis studying in Malaysia.

Malaysian Education System

The Malaysian education system covers all students, including those from Bangladesh. It has three main parts: primary and secondary, post-secondary, and tertiary. This variety ensures everyone can access education easily.

Primary and Secondary Education

In Malaysia, students get 11 years of free education. This includes 6 years of primary school and 5 years of secondary school. The system is designed to give students a strong knowledge base, making them ready for more studies.

Post-Secondary Education

After secondary school, students can move to post-secondary education. This step helps them bridge to further learning in 1-2 years. It provides the skills they need for university-level studies.

Tertiary Education

The tertiary education scene in Malaysia is exciting. It includes public, private, and foreign university branches. These options offer a variety of programs, welcoming students from near and far.


Malaysia is a top pick for Bangladeshi students to study. It provides safety and a low cost of living. Also, it’s known for its high-quality education which is globally respected. It welcomes students from different cultures and allows studying without IELTS in some cases.

In Malaysia, Bangladeshi students can choose from public and private universities. They also have options at foreign university branches. Getting admitted and handling the visa process is made easy. Scholarships are available to support their education too.

The living cost in Malaysia is not high. Accommodation, food, and getting around are affordable. This is good news for Bangladeshi students. They can look for part-time jobs to cover extra costs and learn new skills.

Malaysia is a great place for Bangladeshi students to further their education. It offers quality education and a diverse culture. The country supports students’ growth, no matter if they’re looking for a bachelor’s, master’s, or a specialty program. Malaysia’s education system is ready to help students reach their goals.

FAQ: Malaysian Student Visa from Bangladesh

What is the process to get a Malaysia student visa from Bangladesh?

The process has three key steps. First, you need to reach out to your chosen school. Then, wait for them to confirm your admission. Finally, you must submit all the needed documents.

The documents required are an application form, a letter of offer from the school, passport copies, photos, your academic records, and a health checkup. Also, you need to show you have enough money to support yourself and have health insurance.

What are the requirements for international students, including Bangladeshi students, to study in Malaysia?

Each university in Malaysia has its own entry criteria. But, there are some common requirements for all. These are detailed in the third source.

What are the top universities in Malaysia popular among Bangladeshi students?

Top universities, like University Malaya and University Putra Malaysia, attract many Bangladeshi students. Other popular choices are University Saints Malaysia and University Technology MARA.

What are the popular programs and courses for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia?

Malaysian schools offer a wide range of courses for Bangladeshi students. Options include MBA, Tourism and hospitality management, Computer Science, and Medicine. Banking and Finance are also popular choices.

What are the tuition fees for Bangladeshi students in Malaysia?

Tuition fees in Malaysia differ by university and type, but the third source breaks them down. It covers costs for public and private institutions.

What scholarships are available for Bangladeshi students to study in Malaysia?

Many scholarships help Bangladeshi students afford their studies in Malaysia. These include the Malaysia Government Scholarship and several others. There’s also the Malaysia International Scholarship.

What is the cost of living for international students in Malaysia?

Living costs in Malaysia include rent, food, and transport. The third source gives a rough monthly cost for students.

What is the Malaysian education system like?

The Malaysian education system has three main parts. First is primary and secondary school, followed by post-secondary education. The last part is university, called tertiary education.


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