As you sit at your desk in Dhaka, maybe looking out the window, excitement builds. Studying in the United States is a dream for many, including you. With this step-by-step guide, that dream can soon be true.

The USA is a top pick for Bangladeshi students aiming to further their studies. It’s not surprising that over 850,000 students choose the US for their studies. With such a large international student group, you won’t feel alone. Here, nearly 5% of students are from outside the USA. What’s even better, this number keeps growing each year.

This guide will show you how to study in the USA step by step. From picking your schools to visa details, we’ve got you covered. With lots of US study options available, this guide will help you make the most of your dreams.

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Key Takeaways

  • The USA is home to over 850,000 international students, including a significant number from Bangladesh.
  • The USA offers a wide range of top-ranked universities and diverse academic programs for international students.
  • Navigating the application process and meeting the entry requirements are crucial for Bangladeshi students to study in the USA.
  • Securing financial aid and scholarships can help make studying in the USA more affordable for Bangladeshi students.
  • Preparing for the unique challenges of student life in the USA, such as culture shock and language barriers, is essential for a successful experience.

Benefits of Studying in the US for Bangladeshi Students

Benefits of Studying in the US

For Bangladeshi students, studying in the USA brings many pluses. They get a strong support system and high academic standards. The USA is also a melting pot of cultures. This means students can meet people from all over the world and enjoy life on campus.

Studying in top universities helps Bangladeshi students stand out in the job market. They get to know a new culture and improve their English. This, in turn, helps broaden their horizons.

Challenges of Studying in the USA

Even with its benefits, the USA can pose some challenges for Bangladeshi students. Things like adjusting to a new culture, the language barrier, and higher living costs can be tough. Making friends might also be a challenge.

Yet, with right preparation and a positive attitude, students from Bangladesh can overcome these hurdles. They can have a fulfilling educational journey in the United States.

Top-Ranked US Universities and Programs

The USA is a top destination for Bangladeshi students looking for a high-quality education. It’s got 17 of the world’s top 50 universities, as per the 2023 QS rankings. Among these are renowned schools like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, which stand out for Bangladeshi students.

International students, including those from Bangladesh, often choose majors such as computer science and engineering. But they can also dive into humanities, social sciences, and more at these leading schools. This means there are plenty of options for those Bangladeshi students who have various career goals.

Regarding costs, studying at these top-notch universities can range from $20,000 to $67,000 yearly for undergrads. For graduate students, fees might be $15,000 to $60,000 each year. There’s good news, though. Affordable US universities also exist, where international students from Bangladesh can find quality education that’s easier on their wallet.

University QS World University Ranking THE World University Ranking Next Student Intake
The University of Chicago 10 13 Nov/Dec
University of Pennsylvania 13 14 Jan
Princeton University 16 7 Nov
Yale University 18 9 Jan
Cornell University 20 20 Nov

Entry Requirements for US Universities

entry requirements

Many Bangladeshi students dream of studying in the United States. To make this dream a reality, they must meet specific entry requirements. These include proving your academic skills, English proficiency, and showing you can cover the costs. You also need to fulfill visa requirements.

Academic Requirements

When applying to US universities, having a solid academic background is crucial. You should have completed high school or its equivalent. For undergraduate programs, your GPA should fall between 2.50 to 3.60. For postgraduate studies, it should be 2.50 to 3.50. Some programs might need more, like a relevant bachelor’s degree for graduate studies.

English Proficiency Test Scores

Given that English is the main teaching language, you need to prove your English skills. The TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, and Duolingo English Test are widely accepted. For undergrad programs, scores should be at least TOEFL 70, IELTS 5.5, TOEIC 650, or Duolingo 75. Graduate programs require higher scores, like TOEFL 80, IELTS 6.0, TOEIC 700, or Duolingo 90.

Financial Requirements

Studying in the US requires a financial commitment. International students have to show they have enough money for their education. This might mean providing financial and bank statements, or evidence of scholarships. Costs can vary from $10,000 to $75,000 a year, based on the school and program.

Visa Requirements

To study in the US, Bangladeshi students need an F-1 student visa. The application involves providing a completed form, a valid passport, a university’s acceptance letter, and proof of financial support. It also includes going through a visa interview. Once in the US, students can work on campus part-time during the semester and full-time on breaks.

Procedure to Become a Student in the US

Procedure to Become a Student in the US

Getting into a US college involves several important steps for Bangladeshi students. First, choose the right student visa according to your study plan. Options include the F-1 Visa for colleges, J-1 for exchange programs, and M-1 for vocational courses. The F-1 Visa is popular among students from Bangladesh.

Then, gather your documents. You’ll need a passport, proof of funds, school certificates, and an IELTS result of 6.5 or better. This is necessary for the visa interview. At the embassy, you must prove you’ll go back to Bangladesh after studying.

After getting your visa, there are fees to pay. This includes a US$160 visa application fee and the US$350 SEVIS charge (or US$220 for J visa). Arriving in the U.S., you should go straight to your school. Make sure you follow all the visa rules closely, like going to class full-time.

Tackling the US university application means sending many documents. Your grades, English test results, essays, and letters of recommendation are all crucial. For entry, Bangladeshi students need to meet certain academic standards, like a certain GPA. When or if admitted, follow the steps strictly to improve your opportunity to study in America, home to top-notch educational institutions.

By carefully following each step, Bangladeshi students can improve their odds of studying in the US. This is a significant achievement due to the country’s renowned education system and cultural diversity.

Life as an International Student in the USA

challenges of being international student in usa

Heading to the USA for studies is a big step for Bangladeshi students. It opens a world of new experiences but also poses challenges. You might feel out of place due to cultural differences, trouble with the language, managing higher expenses, and finding new friends. Yet, with the right approach, these obstacles can be overcome to enjoy your time in the United States.

Culture Shock

Adjusting to a new culture can be overwhelming. But it’s a chance to grow and learn. New customs, social norms, and ways of talking might confuse you at first. To make this transition smoother, remember to stay open to new experiences and to actively join campus and community activities.

Language Barrier

English is the main language in the USA, yet its usage could be very different from what you’re used to. This can make simple things like talking to people, or even studying, a bit hard. You can tackle this by taking English classes, practicing talking with others, and doing things that help you use English more often.

Cost of Living

Living costs in the USA are often higher than in Bangladesh, especially for things like housing, food, and travel. As a student from abroad, it’s vital to budget well and look for ways to save. This might include living somewhere more affordable, cooking at home, and using public transport.

Making Friends

Forming strong social connections in a new place is key for your happiness and success in studies. Joining campus groups, volunteering, or meeting other international students are great ways to start. It’s also good to take the first step in befriending classmates and professors, who can offer valuable support and companionship.

It’s important to know and deal with the specific challenges international students face. By being ready to learn, adapt, and make new friends, you can enjoy your stay in the USA. This mindset, along with a resilient spirit, helps Bangladeshi students succeed and fully experience their educational opportunities in the United States.

How to Study in USA from Bangladesh

how to apply for us universities from bangladesh

Studying in the USA is a dream for many Bangladeshi students. It gives you access to top universities. The programs are diverse, and you will meet students from all over the world. Currently, there are about 1.1 million international students in the US. Interest from countries like Bangladesh is also growing.

Bangladeshi students need to be careful in the application process. They have to make sure they meet all the requirements. This includes showing your academic records, your English skill through a test like IELTS or TOEFL, and proving you can pay for your studies. Getting a student visa is also a must.

First, decide what you want to study and look for the best universities in that field. Bangladeshi students often go for programs like computer science and engineering. They also choose business management and social sciences. Make sure what you choose matches what you love doing.

Next, gather all the needed documents for your application. These usually are your school records, English test scores, personal essays, recommendation letters, and a passport. Many US schools help by offering money for school, so look for scholarships.

After getting accepted to a school, the big step is getting your US student visa. For students from Bangladesh, you need to show a passport photo, a copy of your passport, your academic records, and your IELTS or TOEFL scores. You also must have a written statement about your goals, recommendation letters, and a bank statement showing you have at least $30,000.

Finally, get ready for your move to the US. Know about the costs, the different culture, and how to make friends. Living in the US can cost a student between BDT 127,659 to BDT 510,638. This includes rent, food, transportation, and fun.

With these steps and help from many resources, Bangladeshi students can study in the US. It will be a big and life-changing experience.

Selecting the Best US University for Bangladeshi Students

Harvard banners hang outside Memorial Church on the Harvard

As a Bangladeshi student, picking a US university is critical for your future. It impacts both your academic and personal development. First, set your academic goals, check out different schools and what they offer, and look at your budget. This way, you can find the best-fit university in the US.

Identify Your Academic Goals

Start by thinking about what you’re good at and what you want to study. This will lead you to the right programs and schools. Many students from Bangladesh major in computer science, engineering, business, social sciences, and health. Knowing your goals helps you pick the right path.

Research Universities and Programs

After deciding on your goals, start looking at US universities. Visit the websites of famous schools like MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Chicago. Learn about their programs, life on campus, and how they help students. Also, think about when you want to start—fall, spring, or summer?

Consider Your Budget

Studying in the US can be expensive, with fees ranging from $24,000 to $72,000 a year. But, there are cheaper options. Schools like Drexel, Colorado, and Dayton accept students without English test scores. And places like Yale and Trinity don’t charge to apply for their programs. Be sure to look for scholarships and aid to help pay for school.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for International Students

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Getting financial help and scholarships is key for Bangladeshi students who wish to study in the USA. A lot of the scholarships are for those who do well in their studies. This means students can get money for being good students. It’s important to know that every school might give out different amounts and kinds of scholarships. So, students should look carefully at all their choices.

To make sure they have enough time, Bangladeshi students are advised to start looking for scholarships 8-12 months before they plan to start studying. This gives them time to find scholarships like Fulbright, the Graduate Scholarship from Japan and the World Bank, and OPEC.

With scholarships, students can pay for school fees, living costs, health care, and other needs. Because of this help, Bangladeshi students can more easily attend universities in the US. Scholarships look at different things like good grades, leadership skills, and helping others. Some are for women studying STEM subjects.

On top of national scholarships, American universities also have their own scholarships for international students. These can be for doing well in school or based on financial need. Many students want these, making the process competitive. This includes both national and university scholarships.

If the scholarship process seems difficult, students from Bangladesh can get help from experts in applying for scholarships. This help is personalized and guides students through each step.

Scholarship Coverage Eligibility
Fulbright Scholarship Tuition, travel expenses, health insurance Leadership potential, academic excellence, public service
East-West Center Graduate Degree Fellowship Full funding for graduate students from Asia, Pacific, and the US Graduate students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Laureate Global Fellowship Supports young social entrepreneurs aged 18-29 Founders or co-founders of humanitarian organizations
Microsoft Scholarship Merit-based scholarships for STEM fields Undergraduate students with academic excellence and leadership qualities
Humphrey Fellowship Program Covers all expenses for a year of study Professionals with leadership potential and a commitment to public service
MPOWER Financing Scholarships Scholarships for Women in STEM Women enrolled in full-time programs at universities in the US or Canada


Heading to the USA for studies is a smart move. It is a top pick for many students worldwide, including those from Bangladesh. American colleges cover a wide range of subjects, from science and business to the arts. Plus, you get to learn from the best teachers and meet students from all over the globe.

To apply, you’ll need to meet a few requirements like study scores, English skills, and enough money. The costs can vary but there are many scholarships and financial help available.

Studying in the USA will change your life. You’ll get to learn a lot, meet people from different cultures, and grow as a person. In the land of dreams, over a million international students like you are working toward a brighter future. Don’t delay. Start your journey in the USA now and see where it takes you.

FAQ’s About Study in USA from Bangladesh

What are the benefits of studying in the US for Bangladeshi students?

Bangladeshi students gain a lot from studying in the US. They can access top schools and learn from famous teachers. Plus, they get to experience different cultures and enjoy personal growth. This leads to many new opportunities.

What are the challenges that Bangladeshi students may face when studying in the USA?

Studying in the USA poses a few challenges for Bangladeshi students. These include dealing with a new culture and language, higher living costs, and making friends.

What are some of the top-ranked US universities and popular programs for international students?

MIT, Stanford, and Harvard are among the top US colleges. They offer programs like computer science and engineering, which are very popular. International students also commonly choose fields such as math, humanities, and social sciences.

What are the key entry requirements for Bangladeshi students to study in the US?

To study in the US, Bangladeshi students need good grades and English skills. They must also show they can pay for their studies and get the right visa.

What is the process for Bangladeshi students to become students in the USA?

Becoming a student in the US involves a few steps. They need to look at different schools, fill out an application, get a student visa, and prepare to move.

What is the experience like for Bangladeshi students studying in the USA?

Many Bangladeshi students find studying in the US very rewarding. They encounter valuable opportunities but also face certain challenges.

How can Bangladeshi students choose the right US university?

Choosing the right US school involves knowing what you want to study. Then, research schools and programs, and consider your budget.

What financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available for Bangladeshi students in the USA?

International students, including those from Bangladesh, can find many scholarships and financial aid options in the US.


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