Studying abroad is an amazing experience that changes your life. For Bangladeshi students, India is a top choice. It provides a high-quality education. You also get to know India’s diverse and exciting culture. India, with its population of 1.3 billion, offers top-class colleges and universities. Many of these are famous for their excellent education, research, and modern facilities.

Indian universities often rank high in global lists like the QS World University Rankings. This means students from Bangladesh can find quality education in India. It’s a chance to grow academically and personally in a well-known educational setting.

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Key Takeaways:

  • India’s robust higher education system offers a wide range of opportunities for Bangladeshi students.
  • Indian universities are renowned for their high-quality education, research, and world-class facilities.
  • Studying in India provides an enriching cultural experience and exposure to diverse learning environments.
  • The cost of education in Indian universities is considerably lower compared to many Western countries.
  • India offers various scholarship programs to support international students, including those from Bangladesh.

Why Study in India from Bangladesh?

India is a great spot for Bangladeshi students wanting a top-notch education without breaking the bank. It boasts more than 10 universities that are world-renowned. These universities offer variety of programs that attract students from Bangladesh.

Quality Education

Indian schools are all about putting knowledge into action and doing research. They help students get ready for good jobs not only in Asia but all over the world. Bangladeshi students who dream big often aim for places like The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Cost of Living

One big plus of studying in India for Bangladeshis is the much lower living costs. Unlike the US, UK, or Australia where living costs are $6,000 to $8,000 a year, living in India for study is only about $2,000 yearly. This affordable lifestyle makes India a smart choice for many Bangladeshi learners.

Available Scholarships

Indian scholarships are open to many, including Bangladeshi students. There are government scholarships that can pay for all study expenses. Plus, universities in India have their own scholarship programs like the ICCR, Presidential, and University scholarships. These make studying in India even more possible for Bangladeshi students.

Chance to Learn Popular Programs

How to Study in India guide

Choosing India for your studies can be a smart move. You get to explore top programs at a great value. Many international students pick programs such as Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy, and MBBS. India is a top choice for those fields, offering great opportunities.

Engineering and Technology

India stands out in the world for its engineering and tech programs. Its universities are ranked among the best.3 The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), with six campuses, is a dream for many.3 Other jewels, like Jadavpur University and Anna University, also shine. They draw students from Bangladesh and beyond.

Medical Studies

For Bangladeshi students eyeing medical studies, India is a top choice. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences stands tall, known worldwide. It offers the esteemed MBBS program. Cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Chennai are home to more top medical schools. They promise top-notch education and research.

Management and Business

Many Bangladeshi students find India appealing for its management and business programs. MBA and BBA degrees are big hits, especially at IIMs. These offer cutting-edge business education. India’s other universities also have strong business programs for international students. This includes those from Bangladesh.

How to Study in India from Bangladesh

How to Study in India from Bangladesh

Many Bangladeshi students dream of studying in India. They are attracted to India’s high-quality education, beautiful environment, and friendly people. When choosing your course, think about how easy it is to get a student visa. Also, consider the Indian economy and the cost of living there.

Select University

Getting a student visa for India can be tough. But, our team is ready to help Bangladeshi students every step of the way. We can help with your CV, finding scholarships, and the admission process.

Select Course

India has over 1,000 universities, offering a variety of courses. You can study engineering, medicine, business, or many other areas. There’s something for everyone, with both popular and cost-effective programs to choose from.

Apply for Student Visa

Getting an Indian student visa is not easy for many Bangladeshis. But, our team knows the visa rules well. We’ll guide you through the application smoothly. This makes your journey to study in India easier and more successful.

Top Universities in India for Bangladeshi Students

top indian universities

Many Bangladeshi students choose Indian universities for higher education. These universities offer many chances even though some think the quality may not be top-notch worldwide. Yet, they’re popular because they’re affordable and their entry rules are not as strict as others.

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) system is famous globally for top-notch education. It has six branches in different cities. These institutions are highly respected for their engineering and technology programs, which Bangladeshi students love.

University of Delhi

The University of Delhi is a top pick, being in India’s capital. It offers diverse programs in fields like management, business, and humanities. This caters well to the different study interests of the students from other countries, including Bangladeshi students.

Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University (JU) in Kolkata is a key choice for Bangladeshi students too. It’s focused on engineering, technology, and sciences. Here, Bangladeshi students find an energetic academic place to do well in their studies.

These examples show why many Bangladeshi students pick Indian universities. They look for top quality, budget-friendly, and easy to enter schools. The interest in these Indian schools from Bangladeshi students keeps growing as they look to study abroad.

Study abroad in India from Bangladesh

India is in South East Asia and is a great place for Bangladeshi students seeking top-notch international education opportunities. It is the biggest and most populated country in South Asia, with a vast area and over a billion people. This diverse country is famous for its art, culture, and stunning scenery, drawing students for their studies.

If you come from Bangladesh, you’ll love exploring cities like New Delhi and Mumbai when you study in India. India’s mix of landscapes is vast. It’s home to outstanding universities and the living costs are reasonable, perfect for Bangladeshi students aspiring to study in India from Bangladesh.

Key Facts About India Statistics
Area 3.2 million km²
Population 1.3 billion
Population Density 406 individuals per square kilometer
GDP $12 trillion

India has a lot to offer in terms of education. Bangladeshi students can choose from diverse options like engineering, technology, medicine, and business studies. The country boasts top universities like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

They offer high-quality education that’s also cost-effective. This makes India a prime choice for Bangladeshi students looking for top international education opportunities.

Admission Process for Bangladeshi Students

Admission Process for Bangladeshi Students

Starting the admission process to study in India might feel overwhelming. With the right help and effort, it gets easier. Our team is here to guide you every step. We help choose the best university and course. We also assist in paperwork and getting your student visa.

Entrance Exams

To get admission, passing entrance exams is critical. For engineering, there’s the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). For medical, you might need the All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT). We offer detailed info on these exams and prepare you well for them.

Application Process

Applying to Indian universities has its own steps that we’re here to explain. This involves picking the right school and program, gathering your documents, and meeting deadlines. Our team ensures your application is top-notch, improving your chances of getting into your preferred university.

Document Requirements

Having all your documents ready is key for a successful application. You might need your academic records, English test results, a personal statement, and a passport copy. We give you a detailed list to check off, helping you through the application smoothly.

Cost of Studying in India for Bangladeshis

Cost of studying in India

Studying abroad can be expensive and a major worry. Living costs may seem high at first. But, picking India for further studies can reduce that stress. Compared to top places like the US, UK, and Australia, living in India is cheaper. For instance, you may spend $6000 to $8,000 annually in these top hubs. In India, the yearly living costs can be just $2000.

Tuition Fees

Choosing Indian universities is a smart financial move. They cost much less than private universities in Bangladesh. With over 1000 options, Indian universities offer affordable undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Living Expenses

In India, both living and studying are cheaper than the West. This means Bangladeshi students can save a lot by studying there. It’s an affordable choice.

Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in India

For Bangladeshi students wanting to study in India, there are many scholarships available. The Indian government and its universities are providing these to encourage foreign students, including those from Bangladesh.

Government Scholarships

The ICCR scholarship from the Indian government is for Bangladeshi students. It pays for tuition, living costs, and more for all degree levels. Bangladeshi students can also apply for the Presidential scholarship and other university scholarships that offer full funding.

University Scholarships

India has the world’s second-largest higher education system with many scholarship options. Top universities like IITs and the University of Delhi offer funds for tuition and related costs. These scholarships are available in various fields such as engineering, technology, medicine, and business.

Studying in India is much less expensive than in private universities in Bangladesh and the West. This affordable education includes the advantage of the close distance and instruction in English. These factors make studying in India very appealing for Bangladeshi students.

To apply for these opportunities, students can use online platforms and portals. By taking advantage of all the available scholarships and the low costs in India, Bangladeshi students can follow their academic goals without huge financial worries.

Student Life in India for Bangladeshis

Thinking of studying in India? You should look into the cultural similarities and where you might live. Also, see if there are chances for part-time jobs. This info will make your time as a student more enjoyable.

Cultural Similarities

India and Bangladesh share a lot in common culturally. Both countries have a strong sense of art, delicious food, and rich history. Bangladeshi students can easily adapt to India’s culture and feel welcome. The Taj Mahal stands as a symbol of India’s cultural wealth, always a top choice to visit.1

Accommodation Options

When you study in India, you can pick where to live. There’s on-campus housing, private places, and hostels. These options are cheaper than in many other places. On average, students spend about $2,000 a year on living expenses.

Part-time Work Opportunities

India is also good for finding part-time work. This can help you pay for your everyday costs. It also gives you a chance to learn more and meet people in the job market. India’s big economy means there are lots of jobs student can do part-time.

Career Prospects after Studying in India

Students Career News: 72% students prolong studies to improve their career prospects: Survey

Choosing to study in India is more than just about school. It’s about your future career. It opens doors to jobs not only in your home country but around the world. India offers quality education that is well-respected globally. This helps us stand out in the job market, thanks to India’s strong connections with international business.

Job Opportunities in Bangladesh

After graduating from an Indian university, we can head back home to Bangladesh. Our education from India is highly regarded. It makes us valuable to companies in Bangladesh.

Fields like Engineering, Management, and Computer Science are in high demand. This makes us perfect candidates for many jobs.

Global Employability

An Indian education also prepares us for jobs worldwide. India’s top universities and diverse culture prepare us well. We can work in many countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia.

Studying in India offers us a lot. It opens many doors for our future careers. The quality and affordability of Indian education are big draws for Bangladeshi students. It helps us reach our full potential.


What are the benefits of studying in India from Bangladesh?

Studying in India offers high-quality education at an affordable price. It’s home to top universities worldwide. The cost of studying and living in India is lower than in many other places, making it a great choice for Bangladeshi students.

What are the popular courses and programs available for Bangladeshi students in India?

In India, Bangladeshi students can study many popular programs. These include engineering, medical studies, and management. The Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are top choices known for their excellence. Also, programs in MBBS, pharmacy, and business management are favored.

How can Bangladeshi students apply to study in India?

To apply, Bangladeshi students must follow a clear process. This involves choosing a university and course, gathering documents, and applying for a student visa. Our team can help students through each step, boosting their chances of getting into Indian universities.

What are the top universities in India for Bangladeshi students?

Popular universities in India for Bangladeshi students include the IITs, the University of Delhi, and Jadavpur University. These schools are known for their high academic standards, great facilities, and international reputation.

What is the cost of studying in India for Bangladeshi students?

India is more affordable for Bangladeshi students than places like the US, UK, or Australia. Yearly costs, including tuition and living, are about ,000. This is much less than what students would spend in other big education destinations.


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