Thinking about studying in Turkey might be exciting but also a bit scary for Bangladeshi students. The price of education is a big deal when you’re making choices. But, Turkey is becoming a top pick for students from all over, mainly because it offers a great education, has universities that are connected to real-world career opportunities, gives scholarships, and is cheaper to live in than many other European places.

Turkey’s higher education system is heavily supported. This means that the tuition fees are among the lowest in Europe. Plus, local and international students pay about the same. For Bangladeshi students looking for a good education that doesn’t break the bank, Turkey is a fantastic option.

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Why Study in Turkey?

Turkey is now a top choice for students worldwide, including those from Bangladesh. It offers quality education, ties with global industries, scholarships, and low costs. In 2021, over 8 million students chose Turkish universities, showing its global appeal.

High Standard of Education

Over 10 Turkish universities rank in the top 500 globally. This achievement points to the excellence of education and the quality of teachers. Students are assured of a top-tier education experience.

Universities Integrated with Industries

Turkey’s system prepares students for the job market with practical courses. By aligning with global industry needs, students are well-equipped for international careers.

Scholarship Opportunities

Every year, Turkey offers many scholarships to international students, including those from Bangladesh. These scholarships can cover tuition, living costs, and even food. This makes studying in Turkey very affordable.

Lower Tuition Fees

Turkey’s educational costs are lower than many European countries. For bachelor’s and master’s degrees, students pay a few thousand dollars or 500-1000 euros annually for PhDs at public universities. This makes it an excellent choice for cost-conscious students.

Foreign-Affiliated Degrees

Turkey is home to international branches of well-known British and European universities. This allows students to earn recognized degrees at lower costs than in their home countries.

Diverse Culture

Studying in Turkey lets students experience a blend of Asian and European culture. It’s a chance to dive into a diverse, multicultural environment and learn about the country’s rich history.

Lower Cost of Living

Turkey’s living costs are very affordable at 400 to 650 euros a month. This range is great for international students from Bangladesh, allowing them a comfortable lifestyle while studying.

Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

If you’re thinking about studying in Turkey and you’re from Bangladesh, understanding visa rules is key. Turkey has various visa types, each with unique rules and steps to apply.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is given for 90 days with a single-use entry. It’s for those who can’t get a visa upon arrival. Quick applications can take about 1 hour, but complex cases might need months.

Business Visa

This visa suits those visiting Turkey for business, like meetings, talks, or conferences. It’s also for 90 days, valid for one trip. Applicants must provide a letter from their Turkish employer. Processing this visa at the Embassy takes around 15 days. The fees vary based on the support needed.

Student Visa

Following acceptance by a Turkish university, students must obtain a student visa. Services that help secure the visa are available, like job placement, advice, and document checks. Contact numbers on WhatsApp and IMO are +88 0184 1120 100 and +88 0184 1120 155.

Cost of Studying in Turkey for Bangladeshi Students

tuition fees and living costs

Studying in Turkey is usually cheaper than in other European countries. A Bangladeshi student could pay between 300 and 4,000 euros per year. This is around 31,679 to 422,395 BDT, depending on what they study. Programs like engineering and medicine often have higher fees.

Tuition Fees at Public Universities

For a master’s, the prices are about the same as for a bachelor’s. PhD programs at public universities might cost 500 to 1,000 euros yearly. That’s 52,808 to 105,616 BDT.

Tuition Fees at Private Universities

Private universities in Turkey can charge up to 20,000 euros a year for bachelor’s degrees. PhD programs in private schools may have fees of up to 17,500 euros annually. This is about 1,848,284 BDT.

Living Costs

The cost of living in Turkey is among Europe’s lowest. Living in the city can cost a student 400 to 650 euros monthly. That’s 42,246 to 68,650 BDT per month. Turkey is a good choice for Bangladeshi students who want to study abroad affordably.

Admission Process for Bangladeshi Students

Finding the right course to study in turkey for bangladeshi students is easier than you think. The Turkish education ministry has a user-friendly website. It lets students from around the world, including Bangladesh, pick their courses. You can search by program, language, university, or level of study. This makes finding your perfect match simpler.

Application Timeline

Starting your application early is key for Turkish universities. This is because they carefully review each application. For bachelor’s, there’s a central system for applying. For master’s, you might apply centrally or find a supervisor to help. PhD applications entirely depend on finding a suitable supervisor. Knowing the application timeline for bangladeshi students to study in turkey is crucial for a smooth process.

Required Documents

When applying to universities in turkey, you’ll need some key documents. These include your degrees, a statement of your goals, references, and proof of financial support. It’s also good to have an updated CV and a plan for your research if you’re applying for higher degrees. Having all these ready will help you apply without a hitch.

Scholarship Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students

scholarship opportunities in turkey

Turkey aims to welcome students from around the world. It offers many scholarship opportunities in turkey for bangladeshi students. These scholarships cover tuition and sometimes food and housing costs. If Bangladeshi students do well in their previous studies, they have a good chance to get a scholarship.

If students don’t get a scholarship at first, there’s still hope. They can show their skills in the second year. The scholarship opportunities in turkey for bangladeshi students are open to many types of education levels. They are especially designed for students in countries like Bangladesh.

Scholarship Program Coverage Eligibility
Türkiye Scholarships Tuition fees, accommodation, health insurance, monthly stipend Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies
Türkiye Burslari Scholarship Tuition fees, accommodation, monthly stipend, health insurance, travel expenses Undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs
Yunus Emre Institute Scholarships Tuition fees, accommodation, monthly stipend Turkish language courses
Scholarships at Koc University, Sabancı University, and Bilkent University Tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses Undergraduate and graduate programs

Turkey offers many scholarship opportunities in turkey for bangladeshi students. This is why more and more students, including those from Bangladesh, are choosing Turkey. They find both quality education and strong financial support in Turkey.

Student Life in Turkey

cultural experiences for bangladeshi students in turkey

Are you thinking about studying in Turkey? It’s a place full of life and learning. You’ll find affordable places to live and get a taste of many cultures. Turkey is great for students from Bangladesh.

Accommodation Options

Turkey’s living costs are very low, making it friendly for students. In big cities, you can live on 400 to 650 euros a month. This is good news for you. The universities in Turkey have dormitories that cost 200 to 400 Turkish Lira a month. Plus, private dorms near the schools are about 400 to 800 TRY each month.


Moving around Turkey is cheap and easy for students. There are dolmuş (shared taxis) for only 2 to 3 TRY. The metro starts at 3 TRY. Intercity buses cost between 30 to 50 TRY. All these options will help you explore Turkey without spending a lot.

Cultural Experiences

In Turkey, you’ll get to see a mix of Asian and European cultures. Living in Turkey, you’ll visit exciting cities and learn about its rich past. The country’s culture will make your time there special.

Work Opportunities for International Students

Work Opportunities for International Students

If you’re a Bangladeshi studying in Turkey, here’s good news. You can find work to help with your expenses. But, you must get a work permit first.

This permit is necessary for any job you wish to take on. It shows you’re allowed to work in the country. By law, if you’re a student in Turkey and want to work, you must have this.

Once you have that permit, you can earn up to 400 euros a month. This money can really help with your living costs in Turkey. Part-time jobs and internships are not hard to find thanks to Turkey’s strong economy. They also have lots of connections with local universities.

Taking one of these jobs means you get real-world experience. It also helps pay for parts of your study-abroad journey. This way, studying in Turkey doesn’t have to be so expensive. It’s all about finding the right job and managing your time well.

Popular Universities in Turkey

Turkey is a place with many options for studying. It’s a great choice for students from Bangladesh. They offer over 200 universities with top-quality education and a unique culture to experience.

Top-Ranked Universities

In Turkey, about 10 universities are among the world’s top 500. This shows they offer outstanding education. These top-ranked universities are known worldwide for their excellent academics.

Universities with Low Tuition Fees

Most of Turkey’s universities are public. This means they have lower tuition fees. Even though Turkey’s private universities are funded better than in other countries. This is good news for Bangladeshi students, who can find affordable, quality education there.

Degree Program Tuition Fees (Turkish Lira per Academic Year)
Bachelor’s Degree in English 3,500 to 12,000
Bachelor’s Degree in Turkish 1,860 to 6,000
Master’s Degree in English 4,500 to 7,000
Master’s Degree in Turkish 2,300 to 5,000

With low tuition fees and high-quality education, Turkey is perfect for Bangladeshi students. It’s an ideal place for those seeking great education without the high costs.

Health Insurance for International Students

health insurance requirements for bangladeshi students in turkey

Studying in Turkey, every international student like you must have health insurance. Luckily, Turkey has an easy way for Bangladeshi students to get covered. This is through the General Health Insurance (GSS) program.

If you’re under 25 years old, and you’ve just started at a Turkish university, you have up to three months to sign up for GSS. The GSS costs between 500-600 TL a month. So, it is budget-friendly for Bangladeshi students.

But, there are also private health insurance options. These can give you more coverage. They range from 1300-2500 TL monthly. They include better benefits like less out-of-pocket cost, more coverage for existing conditions, and mental health services.

In Turkey, several private health insurance companies help students like you. These include Allianz Turkiye, ACIBADEM Health Group, and more. Each company has different plans. These plans vary in how much they cover, what you pay, and when coverage starts for previous health issues.

Choosing the right insurance is key for Bangladeshi students in Turkey. Make sure you really understand your options. This way, you can choose the best plan for your health and peace of mind while you study.

Safety and Security in Turkey

Thinking about studying in Turkey as a Bangladeshi student means looking at how safe it is. Turkey welcomes students from all over and is known for being safe. The country works hard to keep everyone safe, especially Bangladeshi students in its universities.

Turkey is serious about keeping safety and security for Bangladeshi students high. They have many safety rules and fast emergency help. The government and universities work together to make sure campuses are safe. They use the latest in security cameras and always have guards around. Bangladeshi students can call a hotline if they need help. There’s always someone ready to give advice in different languages too.

People in Turkish cities are friendly and like meeting students from other countries. Bangladeshi students will feel at home and make many friends. Being part of the local community helps everyone feel safe and secure.

It’s always good to be careful and know the basic safety steps. But Turkish officials and schools are really focused on safety and security for Bangladeshi students. This makes Turkey a top choice for young people from Bangladesh looking for a great study experience.


In conclusion, Turkey is a great place for Bangladeshi students to study. It offers quality education at a good price. With a schooling rate of 94.2%, Turkey has many higher education programs. These include Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in areas like Business, Economics, and Engineering.

Top universities in Turkey, like Koç and Middle East Technical, attract students. Turkey’s lower tuition fees compared to Europe also help. Besides, the Turkish government gives many scholarships. This, along with Turkey’s position in the European Higher Education Area, makes it ideal for study.

Turkey is a hub for those wanting a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. It has a rich international student community. Turkey’s cultural mix of Asia and Europe offers a unique experience.

When thinking about Turkey for study, look at its benefits. Then, decide if it fits your goals. Turkey offers much for those who wish to advance academically and personally.


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