If you’re from Bangladesh and want to study abroad, Turkey offers a life-changing experience. With over 250,000 international students per year, Turkey is home to 207 universities. It’s a key spot for those looking for top-notch education. Most courses are in English, which allows you to learn in a diverse setting. Additionally, you can learn Turkish, which is a widely spoken language.

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Key Takeaways

  • Turkey hosts over 250,000 international students annually across 207 universities.
  • Top-ranked universities in Turkey include Koch University, Middle East Technical University, Sabancı University, and Istanbul Technical University.
  • Many Turkish universities offer English-taught programs, providing international students access to high-quality education.
  • Turkey offers affordable tuition and living costs, making it a financially accessible study abroad destination.
  • Vibrant student life and cultural diversity await international students in Turkey.

Top-Ranked Universities in Turkey

Turkey is a hub for top-tier universities known worldwide for their excellence. These institutions excel in academics, research, and student experience. Ranked in the top 10 globally for the number of international students, Turkey is a place where students find world-class education in a vibrant culture.

Koç University

Koç University in Istanbul is a leading private research university in Turkey. It stands out with 132 research labs, 20 centers, and 5 forums for research and education. The university focuses on innovative research and interdisciplinary learning. For these reasons, it’s among the top choices for international students looking for quality education.

Middle East Technical University

In Ankara, Turkey’s capital, Middle East Technical University (METU) shines in engineering, natural and social sciences. It’s home to over 1,700 international students from almost 100 nations. The decision to teach all programs in English has made METU popular for students wanting English-taught programs in turkey.

Sabancı University

Sabancı University in Istanbul is known for its pioneering spirit. It encourages students to choose their own courses, giving them a say in their education. The university also requires internships, boosting students’ real-world skills and job opportunities. This approach has made Sabancı a top choice for those seeking best universities in turkey for international students.

Istanbul Technical University

ITU, founded in 1773, is among the oldest technical universities globally. It leads in engineering and technology with its state-of-the-art facilities and diverse programs. Known for its lively campus, it attracts international students from across the world.

World-Class Education in English

english-taught programs in turkey

Turkey’s universities are a hub for top-notch education available in the English language. There are over 206 universities here. Most of them offer a wide range of English-taught programs. This makes it a great place for students from around the world.

International Programs and Partnerships

Turkey’s universities have strong links with international bodies. These connections enhance the study abroad experience. For instance, by joining programs like Erasmus+ or dual-diplomas with US universities, you get a chance to see the world while studying in Turkey.

Opportunities for Language Learning

Even though classes are mainly in English, you can still learn Turkish. It’s a key language spoken by a lot of people. Knowing Turkish well can help with blending in locally. It also boosts your chances in the worldwide job market

Vibrant Student Life

Studying in Turkey as an international student means diving into a vibrant student life. There are 207 universities in the country. Many of these have lots of international students. This mix creates a lively, multicultural atmosphere that welcomes you to the local way of life. It’s a chance to make friends from around the world.

Outside of classes, there’s a lot to do. You can join sports teams, cultural groups, or help out in the community. These activities will not only boost your own skills but are also things employers love to see. Your time as an international student in Turkey will be full of growth and new experiences.

Imagine exploring Istanbul’s busy streets, admiring the beauty of Turkey’s natural spots, or joining in on campus life. Whichever you choose, you’ll be soaking in the rich culture of Turkey. Being an active part of student life opens doors to unforgettable moments and connections. This makes your educational journey both fulfilling and fun.

Affordable Tuition and Living Costs

Turkey is a top choice for students because of its low tuition and living costs. This makes studying there cheaper than in other countries. It’s especially good for those coming from places like Bangladesh.

Scholarship Opportunities

On top of low tuition, Turkey offers many scholarships. The Erasmus+ program, for example, funds educational exchanges. This allows students to enjoy high-quality education without breaking the bank. Also, Turkish universities have their own scholarships for extra financial help for international students in turkey.

Cost of Living in Turkey

The living costs in Turkey are also very reasonable. Things like rent and food are not as expensive as in other places. In Istanbul, monthly costs without rent are about $1,700.

Expense Cost (in TRY) Cost (in USD)
Monthly rent (1 bedroom apartment) 1400 $190
Utilities (monthly average) 500 $65
Monthly public transport pass 275 $37
Meal (inexpensive restaurant) 30 $4.10
Coffee 15 $2
Milk (1 liter) 6 $0.80
Vegetables (1kg) 3 $0.40
Eggs (dozen) 13 $1.80
Water (1.5 liters bottled) 2.30 $0.30
Beef (1kg) 70 $9.60
Beer (bottle) 15 $2
Bread (loaf) 3.10 $0.45

Living in Turkey, especially in places like Istanbul, is cheap. This makes it perfect for international students in turkey from Bangladesh and other places.

Best Universities in Turkey for International Students

best universities in turkey for international students

Several institutions in Turkey are known for their top-notch education, advanced research, and strong support for foreign students. According to sources, some standout Turkish universities that shine globally are:

University Notable Features
Koç University Koç University boasts 132 research labs, 20 centers, and five forums. It’s leading in innovation and discovery.
Middle East Technical University With over 1,700 international students from almost 100 nations, it offers a lively, multicultural setting.
Sabancı University Established in 1994, Sabancı is unique for its curriculum and mandatory student internships. It brings invaluable real-world skills.
Istanbul Technical University Founded in 1773, Istanbul Technical University stands as the third oldest technical university. It’s a symbol of excellence in engineering and technology.

These top Turkish universities and many others across Turkey welcome international students. They offer a rich setting to pursue academic and personal dreams. Choosing to study at a prestigious university in Istanbul or elsewhere in Turkey opens up global opportunities. It leads to a well-regarded education that stands out worldwide.

Exploring Turkey’s Cultural Diversity

international student life in turkey

Turkey is full of many different cultures, making it a great place for students from other countries. The mentions that universities in Turkey are spread out, showing off the unique aspects of each city. Studying in Turkey opens the door to learning about new cultures while you grow as a person.

Life in Istanbul

Istanbul stands out as Turkey’s biggest city, mixing ancient history with a fast-paced modern vibe. Students can see amazing landmarks like the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. They can also enjoy the energetic atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar. This city is a perfect spot for study abroad in turkey because of its rich culture, exciting food, and vibrant nightlife.

Discovering Other Cities

Turkey has more to offer than just Istanbul. Cities like Ankara, Izmir, and Antalya have their own unique cultures and beautiful places to see. By exploring outside of the city where their university is, international students in turkey can learn even more about Turkey’s diverse terrain. They can visit stunning beaches and historical sites, broadening their academic experience and global view.

Safety and Support for International Students

safety and support for international students in turkey

Universities in Turkey make student safety a key concern for those coming from abroad. They’ve put strong measures in place for campus security. International students will find a secure and welcoming environment in Turkey, from the busy streets of Istanbul to all over the country.

Campus Security

In Turkey, universities do a lot to keep their international students safe. With police around and well-lit areas, places like Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are safe. Specific spots in Istanbul, like Besiktas, Sisli, and Kadikoy, plus Alsancak and Bornova in Izmir, are safe and great for students.

International Student Services

Turkey’s universities also offer lots of help for international students. They give support with visas, finding housing, teaching local languages, and adjusting to the culture. This support helps make the journey of studying abroad in Turkey easier and more enjoyable for students.

Application Process and Requirements

Preparing to study abroad in Turkey might feel overwhelming. But with the correct advice, starting your academic journey becomes smooth. As an international student, you will send in different papers. These can include school records, language test scores, letters from people who know your work, and a write-up about yourself. What you need could change based on where you’re applying and what you’re studying.

Admission Deadlines

When applying to Turkish universities, dates for applying can be very different. This means it’s key to look into this and create a plan that fits each school’s timeline. Some schools let students apply any time (rolling admissions). Others are very strict and a late application might not get you in. It’s smart to start your application early. This way, you can make sure you complete all the important steps and up your chances of getting into the best universities in turkey for international students.

Required Documents

To apply for a study abroad in turkey program, you’ll need a bunch of things:

  • Transcripts from your old schools
  • Proof you’re good at English, through TOEFL or YDS tests
  • Letters from people who’ve seen your work or school efforts
  • A paper where you talk about what you want to learn and achieve
  • Your passport or ID
  • Usually 150TL (about $20) for the application fee

Most universities in Turkey are ready to help international students as they apply. They offer advice and other kinds of support. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the international student office or admissions team for help when needed.


Turkey is becoming a top choice for studying abroad due to its many excellent universities. These schools offer high-level education in English. They also have a rich student life and costs that are friendly to the wallet.

Top institutions like Koç University and Middle East Technical University are known worldwide. They excel in education, research, and welcoming students from all over.

Turkey’s cultural scene is vibrant, from Istanbul’s busy streets to the country’s picturesque towns. This setting offers a unique learning experience that can transform students.

When it comes to safety and support, Turkish universities stand out. They provide a great place for international students to learn and grow.

Looking to study in Turkey? The nation’s universities welcome you. They are committed to offering top-notch education and a global experience for students.

FAQ’s About Best Universities in Turkey

What are the best universities in Turkey for international students?

Turkey is among the top 10 countries globally, hosting over 250,000 international students yearly. Key universities for international students are Koç University and several others. These include Middle East Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, and Sabancı University.

What is the quality of education and learning opportunities at universities in Turkey?

Many Turkish universities teach in English, offering students a global education. They also provide diverse international programs and partnerships, like Erasmus+ and ties to American schools. International students can learn Turkish, adding to their skills and knowledge of global cultures.

What is the student life like for international students in Turkey?

Student life in Turkey is vibrant and diverse. With 207 universities across the country, it’s a melting pot of cultures. Universities have varied activities, clubs, and volunteer opportunities, fostering a rich learning and social environment.

How affordable are tuition and living costs for international students in Turkey?

Turkey is affordable for studying, with low tuition and living expenses. There are many scholarships available, including those from the Erasmus+ program. Living costs in Turkey are generally cheaper than in other popular study locations.

What is the application process and requirements for international students seeking to study in Turkey?

Application requirements at Turkish universities vary, but often include transcripts, language scores, and letters of recommendation. Each university has different admission deadlines. Students should plan their applications carefully. Turkish universities usually offer guidance for international applicants.


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