As a student from Bangladesh, studying abroad can feel overwhelming yet thrilling. Malaysia is a top pick for those wanting a mix of great education, diverse culture, and reasonable costs. This Southeast Asian gem shines for its academia and its welcoming nature for students worldwide.

Malaysia is known for its quality higher education offerings and rich cultural experiences. It’s budget-friendly and boasts top-notch educational facilities. This makes it a dream destination for those aiming for quality education that can be afforded. The likes of the University of Malaya, University Technology Malaysia (UTM), and University Kembangan Malaysia provide a stellar learning environment. Alongside, private institutions like Taylor’s University, Sunway University, and UCSI University offer diverse programs set in a multicultural background.

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Why Study in Malaysia?

Malaysia stands out as a great choice for international students for many reasons. One of them is the affordable tuition fees. They help more students access higher education. The mix of low costs and quality of education is a big draw for anyone wanting to study without huge financial stress.

This country also offers a rich multicultural experience. Students from around the globe enjoy The blend of many traditions, languages, and customs. It makes for a diverse and welcoming community.

Moreover, English is used as the medium of instruction in Malaysian universities. This means there are no language barriers for students. It helps them fit in better, both academically and socially. Plus, the excellent educational infrastructure and worldwide recognition of Malaysian schools make it a top pick for international students.

Top-Ranked Universities in Malaysia

Malaysia has several top-ranked universities known around the world for their high-quality education and research. The country is proud to have these institutions.

University of Malaya (UM)

The University of Malaya (UM) is the country’s oldest and most prestigious. It’s always among the top universities across Asia. UM offers many programs for both undergraduates and graduates.

It has a rich history of creating leaders, including prime ministers and cabinet ministers.

University Technology Malaysia (UTM)

University Technology Malaysia (UTM) is a leading research university. It’s especially known for its excellence in engineering and technology. UTM has always been at the forefront of academic achievement, research, and innovation. It consistently ranks in the top 200 universities in Asia.

University Kembangan Malaysia (UKM)

University Kembangan Malaysia (UKM) is highly respected too. It provides a wide variety of academic programs. UKM makes big contributions to research and engages with the community. These universities attract students from around the world, offering a global education and research opportunities.

University Times Higher Education Ranking (2022) Top Universities Ranking (2022) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2021) U.S. News & World Report Ranking (2021)
University of Malaya (UM) 301 65 301 205
University Technology PETRONAS 501 414 N/A 1106
University Kembangan Malaysia 601 144 501 653

Prestigious Private Universities

prestigious private universities in malaysia

Malaysia is not just home to great public universities. It also has top private ones. These schools offer excellent education and special experiences. For instance, there’s Taylor’s University in Subang Jaya. It’s known for getting graduates hired quickly and for connecting them with leading industries. This means students here learn skills they can use right away in their careers.

Sunway University in Sunway City is another key player. It has a big mix of students from around the world. This brings a lot of fresh ideas to the table. Sunway University also excels in global rankings for areas like Art and Design, Business, and Hospitality.

UCSI University is influential in the private education scene in Malaysia. Students from 110 countries study in its diverse environment. UCSI lets its students work with international organizations. This opens doors to research, travel programs, and better job opportunities. Private universities in Malaysia give international students a vibrant and rewarding time.

Best universities in Malaysia for international students

Among the best universities in Malaysia for international students are the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), the University of Wollongong (UOW) Malaysia, and Multimedia University (MMU). APU is the top pick, recognized for its diverse community and commitment to a global learning setting. The university aims to prepare its students for a worldwide career, focusing on technology-driven education.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

APU stands out as the favored university for students from around the world in Malaysia. It prides itself on a varied global community and a teaching ethos with a worldwide perspective. Setting standards for innovation, APU focuses on technology to groom its students into adaptable thinkers and innovators.

University of Wollongong (UOW)

UOW Malaysia, a key part of the University of Wollongong’s worldwide network, has built a legacy of providing quality education. It blends globally respected education with skills needed by various industries, thus helping its students excel in their future careers.

Multimedia University (MMU)

Renowned for its top-notch ICT programs, Multimedia University (MMU) is committed to innovation. It offers a vibrant atmosphere for students to learn. With courses designed to meet the ICT industry’s demands, MMU equips its students to make significant contributions to the digital world.

Affordable Education Options

affordable education options in malaysia

Are you an international student looking for affordable education in Malaysia? There are many good choices. University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) stands out as a non-profit school that doesn’t charge high fees. It’s home to 20,000 students studying in many fields, like applied science and the humanities.

At SEGi University, students study business, engineering, and more. It’s known for its quality education. HELP University, in Selangor, is another great option. It focuses on global learning and offers scholarships.

Student Life and Campus Experience

Malaysian universities don’t just focus on education. They have a lively campus life too. You’ll find top-notch on-campus facilities like libraries, computer labs, and sports centers. These make learning feel right at home.

There are many student clubs and organizations to join. You can pick from cultural, social, academic, and professional groups. Taking part in these extracurricular activities isn’t just fun. It also helps you feel part of campus life and the community.

For international students, Malaysian universities offer special help. You can use services like orientation, language classes, and help with your visa. This holistic approach to student life makes moving to Malaysia for study easier.

Application Requirements for International Students

application requirements for international students in malaysia

To study in Malaysia, international students need to meet specific criteria. They must show they are good in English. They also need to share their school or college grades. Plus, they must follow the rules for getting a student visa to enter Malaysia.

English Language Proficiency

English is very important for classes at Malaysian universities. You can show you’re good at English by taking tests like IELTS or TOEFL. The scores needed can vary, from 6.0 to 100, based on the college and your program.

Academic Transcripts and Credentials

You must give your school or college grades. This includes your high school results or your university degree. The type of document you need depends on what you’re studying and the university’s rules.

Visa and Immigration Procedures

Getting a study permit or student visa in Malaysia involves several steps. You have to fill out forms and provide some documents. You also need to show you have enough money and might need a health check. The school’s international office will help you with these steps to make everything easier.

Scholarship Opportunities in Malaysia

scholarship opportunities in malaysia

Malaysia has many scholarship options for students from other countries. These can help cover the costs of studying abroad. The scholarships might be for those with excellent grades or for those who need financial help. Malaysia’s universities also have scholarships and support for international students.

The Skim Lathan 1Malaysia (SL1M) by Malaysia’s government offers jobs and training. It’s open to graduates, including students from overseas. Other groups and firms in Malaysia give scholarships too, focusing on specific studies or research. Exploring these scholarship opportunities in Malaysia makes international student scholarships more accessible and affordable.

Asia Pacific University offers merit-based scholarships, and the Malaysia International Bursaries at points like the International Medical University provide need-based scholarships. The University of Putra Malaysia gives research scholarships. Leading universities such as the University of Malaya and University Technology Malaysia also offer financial help for international students.

International students, including those from Bangladesh, can find their way to Malaysia’s educational opportunities. It’s a chance for a rich academic journey in a lively, diverse nation.

Career Prospects and Employability

Studying in Malaysia can set you up for a great career. This is because many Malaysian universities work closely with businesses. This means you get chances to do internships and gain actual work experience. Such opportunities help you use what you learn in real jobs, gain crucial skills, and make important professional contacts.

The alumni networks of Malaysian universities offer ongoing help after you graduate. This support may come in many forms, like advice, job leads, and chances to meet useful people. Also, Malaysia’s universities often encourage students to think like entrepreneurs. This means you might get inspired to create your own business.

Because of these forward-thinking strategies and the global recognition of Malaysian degrees, you could find good job options anywhere. This includes both in Malaysia and in other countries.

University Industry Collaborations Internship and Work Experience Alumni Network
Asia Pacific University (APU) Strong partnerships with leading industry players Extensive internship and practical training opportunities Active alumni community providing mentorship and networking
Sunway University Collaborations with multinational companies and global brands Mandatory industry attachments and work-integrated learning Vast alumni networks with successful graduates
UCSI University Partnerships with international organizations and industry leaders Structured internship programs and career development support Engaged alumni community, fostering mentorship and job opportunities

Make the most of these study and networking opportunities. They can help you build important skills, connections, and a business-friendly mindset. These are key to success in today’s competitive work world, both in Malaysia and beyond.

Living in Malaysia

International students in Malaysia find both academic learning and a rich lifestyle. Malaysia’s cost of living is lower than many other places. This lets students use their money wisely. The country’s public transport system is advanced with buses, trains, and the metro, which helps students travel easily.

Cost of Living

For an Indian student, monthly expenses in Malaysia are about INR 39,308 (2,256.9RM), not including rent. This amount is good for one student, with rent costs ranging from INR 19,000 to INR 26,000 a month based on location. Kuala Lumpur is known for being cost-effective for students.


Getting around Malaysia is affordable. A local transport ticket costs 3.00 RM, while a monthly pass is 50.00 RM. Taxis start at 4.00 RM. With a great public transportation system, it’s easy for students to move around and see new places.

Cultural Attractions

Malaysia is not just a study spot. It’s full of rich cultural attractions and experiences. Street markets, tasty food, beautiful nature, and historic sites await students. They can see famous places like the Petronas Towers, enjoy history in Penang, or relax in the Cameron Highlands. Living in Malaysia gives students a complete experience.


Malaysia is a top choice for international students wanting a great education and a taste of a unique cultural experience. It boasts several top-ranked universities that are well known for their quality. These include both public and private schools.

At these schools, you’ll find English-medium instruction and modern facilities. This makes cultural integration easy. The country also offers an affordable cost of living and a strong transportation system.

Through global collaborations and support services, Malaysia is drawing in more international students. Chasing an education here could open the doors to future success. It offers a unique path for students to shine in the global marketplace.


What are the best universities in Malaysia for international students?

Malaysia has some top universities for international students. This includes the University of Malaya (UM) and the University Technology Malaysia (UTM). There’s also the University Kembangan Malaysia (UKM). These places offer diverse courses and chances for research. They also have a lively campus life.

Why should international students consider studying in Malaysia?

Studying in Malaysia has many perks. It’s budget-friendly, culturally diverse, and uses English for teaching. Its education system is top-notch, and its degrees are recognized globally. This makes it perfect for international students looking for a quality education away from home.

What are the most prestigious private universities in Malaysia?

Private colleges like Taylor’s University and Sunway University are well-known. UCSI University is also highly respected. They are praised for helping graduates find jobs, connections with the industry, and their diverse student population.

What are the best universities in Malaysia for international students in terms of specific programs or specializations?

The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is great for tech students. They focus on innovation and technology. Multimedia University (MMU) and the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Malaysia are also top choices. These schools offer relevant programs that prepare students for the workforce.

What are some affordable education options for international students in Malaysia?

For those looking for affordable private universities, there’s University Tulku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and SEGi University. HELP University is another good option. They all offer a variety of courses at great value. Plus, they support international students to help them succeed.

What is the student life and campus experience like for international students in Malaysia?

Malaysian campuses are modern and well-equipped for learning. There are libraries, labs, and sports areas to enjoy. Students can join clubs to meet new friends and dive into local culture. Support services help international students feel at home.

What are the application requirements for international students to study in Malaysia?

To apply, students need to show they are good at English. They also need to share their past academic work. There’s also a visa process to follow. The university’s international office will help with these steps.

What scholarship opportunities are available for international students in Malaysia?

International students can find various scholarships in Malaysia, from merit to research-focused. These come from the government, schools, and other groups. Scholarships make studying there more affordable for everyone.

What are the career prospects and employability opportunities for international students in Malaysia?

Malaysian schools link well with industries, offering good internships. Graduates find help through university alumni networks in landing jobs. These networks also offer support for entrepreneurship, like finding mentors and networking.

What is the overall living experience like for international students in Malaysia?

Living in Malaysia is affordable, with great transport options. It’s a mix of cultures with lots to see and do. Students can lead a comfortable life while enjoying the country’s beauty and heritage.


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