Key Highlights:

  • The Australian government has announced a significant increase in student visa fees, effective 1 July 2024.
  • The application fee for a student visa will increase by over 125%, rising from AUS$710 to AUS$1,600.

Details of the Fee Increase:

  • New Fee Structure:
    • Main applicant: AUS$1,600.
    • Accompanying applicants aged 18 and over: AUS$1,445.
    • Accompanying family members under 18 years: AUS$390.
  • Comparison with Other Countries:
    • Canada: CDN$150 (AUS$165).
    • United States: US$185 (AUS$280).

Government’s Justification:

  • The increase reflects the growing value of education in Australia.
  • It aims to fund important initiatives in education and migration, including the “ongoing implementation of the Migration Strategy.”
  • Minister for Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil, stated that the changes would help restore integrity to the international education system and create a fairer, more efficient migration system.

Impact and Reaction:

  • The fee increase is seen as part of broader efforts to reform Australia’s international education sector.
  • It follows recent increases in minimum funds requirements for international students.
  • There is concern that the fee hike, along with high rejection rates for student visa applications, could deter international students.

Criticism and Concerns:

  • Group of Eight Response:
    • Vicki Thomson, Chief Executive of the Group of Eight (Go8) leading research-intensive universities, criticized the fee increase.
    • Thomson argued that the measure would deter international students and counteract efforts to diversify the student population, especially from the ASEAN region.
    • She described the fee increase as detrimental to Australia’s most successful services export sector, warning of “death by a thousand cuts.”

Context and Timing:

  • The increase comes less than two months after the government raised the minimum funds requirement for international students.
  • Although there were rumors of a significant fee increase, it was not mentioned in the government’s budget tabled on 14 May 2024.
  • The fee hike is being implemented amidst historically high rejection rates for student visa applications in the early months of 2024.


The Australian government’s decision to significantly increase student visa fees aims to enhance the value and integrity of its international education sector. However, this move has sparked concerns among educational institutions and stakeholders about its potential to deter international students and negatively impact Australia’s educational export sector.

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